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The Implications Of N.T. Wright's The Challenge Of Jesus

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N.T. Wright’s book, The Challenge of Jesus, challenges the reader in various aspects of his or her life; including faith, understanding and inspiration. The reader is able to view Jesus in a different context. Within this viewpoint, Wright almost presents a time traveling experience in order to understand their world and the historical context of Jesus’ time. When grasping Wright’s purpose and argument in this book, the reader can presume that the thesis is essentially the title. Jesus presents his followers a challenge, it is comprehended best in the essence of who Jesus is, not just who we understand him to be. In the preface of Wright’s book he states three specific purposes, they include, “the historical integrity in talking about Jesus, Christian discipleship that professes to follow Jesus, and providing Christians with a vision that will transform the world” (Wright 10-11). I believe that Wright’s purpose for writing this book was to empower Christians to impact the world with love and to live out the gospel in our every day lives.
N.T. Wright focuses a lot on the history of Jesus and the time period in which he lived. This essentially aids the reader in visioning Jesus as a human being, a child, a man, and one of us. It is easier to relate to a man who has experienced life rather than a higher being in which we have no relation to. Wright focuses on the Jewish mindset and establishes the tone for the book in the first chapter. He states that, “the living God would defeat evil once and for all and create a new world of justice and peace” (Wright 22). This forms a theme of redemption through the book. There are multiple allegories that can be found in this particular book as well as in the Bible. It seems as if Wright uses those allegories more then interpretations of the parables and stories of Jesus. With that being said, he does include many applications that can be fundamental in living a Christian life and fulfilling the word of God.
God has already sacrificed his son for our salvation; therefore, we are not supposed to be replicating his achievements but we are supposed to implement them into this world. Our purpose here on earth is to construct the kingdom and a settling place for Jesus through our living out of the gospel and his love. The last two chapters of Wright’s book talk about Jesus and God and the Resurrection. These two chapters seem to have had the most impact on me personally, not to say that the history and culture of Jesus is insignificant but the challenge seems to be more impactful. To prelude into his ideas of God and Jesus being one as well as the resurrection, it is essential to understand that Wright firmly believes that scripture is historical and it is very reliable as well as dependable. One important question that Wright noted says, is Jesus God? From the historical perspective Wright believes that Jesus assumed both roles. This is hard to fathom, but in essence it is who Jesus was during this time. Wright...

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