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The Imporatnt Role Of Mass Media

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The important role of mass media

Mass Media play an important role in the society life. Mass media refers to a various methods of data and information on a global scale (Mujtaba, 2011). Without the role of mass media, societies cannot retrieve or know about the news around the world. When people being connected with the mass media, means that the people connected around the world. Mass media can transfer information through a media and can also receive information. The mass media also began from the last 5 decades. Not only that, but also the mass media influence has grown exponentially with the advance of technology, first there was the telegraph, then the radio, the newspaper, magazines, television and now the internet. However there was a positive and negative effect of the mass media.

Before discussing the positive and negative effect of the mass media, the main thing that people should know about the important of mass media is about the three things. The first and the important thing about the mass media is they provide society news or information, the second one is about entertainment, and the last is education. Basically, in daily activity people need news and information throughout a day. They need news or information usually for various reasons, sometimes it depends on the people themselves. For example, the young generation of children usually follow the news about their favorite celebrity, while the other prefer to follow the news about politics and economics. Entertainment is the other form of mass media that used to amuse them in a hectic environment. Therefore, the last is education. Education is for educating the masses about their rights, moral, social, and religious.

Television is one of the popular mass media now. From the recent research, people can watch the advertisement commercial from the television up to 72 minutes each day and typically seven until eight minutes of commercials per half hour show. Therefore from this research, it proves that television is one of the most powerful mass media. Beside the commercials, there are also have a lot of channels that can played on the television such as sports, educational, variety shows, films, and cultural programs. Followed with the articles of the latest event from the local and international.

The second mass media that also many people used before the television is radio. By 1934, radio was used for the source of the news and entertainment in America. In the 1920, there are a group of people from the part of the world that used this kind of media for music, humor, and news. Radio was also crowned as the first mass medium communication, because it is the only media that can reach millions of people instantly. However, the crucial thing of this media compared to the television is the visualization. For example, it is easy to miss the phone number or the details of company name when the people listen to radio. Although, there are a group of people who enjoy this kind of...

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