The Importance Education Has On Life

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Education has tremendous effects that can determine how nice a person’s life will be and the job that he will receive. It can decide what one will do for the rest of his life, and it can determine how one will live our life. Good education does not come easy though. One must go through struggles in order to obtain it. People spend years to get the degree that they want. Douglass’s struggles were much worse than the struggles we endure today.
The fact that Douglass was a slave greatly hurt his chances of acquiring an education. Since he was a slave, it was illegal and dangerous for people to teach him how to read and write because they could get in trouble with the law. Slaveholders and masters feared educated slaves. An educated slave has the knowledge and the ability to access the validity of the content that their masters would say to them. If a slave can then see that he is being lied to, he will rally other slaves and try to escape. Douglass put his life on the line in order to become educated. Mrs. Auld, the lady that taught him, put her life on the line too since it was illegal for her to educate Douglass.
Douglass did many things that could have cost him his life in order to get people to teach him. One of the things he did was that he stole bread from his master to use to pay the white kids to teach him to write. Today we do not have to steal in order to pay someone to teach us. “Some men no the value of education by having it, I know its value by not having it.” Douglass knows its value by not having it by seeing the extremes his masters have gone to prevent slaves from becoming educated. The value of education to the slaves would be freedom. Knowledge can help an escaped slave because he can read news and what people have written, and he can write to other slaves. Masters were also scared that if a slave could write, he could write about all of the inhumane ways the slaves were treated and could cause an uproar. Knowledge was the key to...

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