The Importance Of A College Education

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From the moment a child is born, small and squalling, parents begin saving money to fund his college education. The child progresses through various stages of life, from that of a fierce ten year-old, to that of a teenager, and finally to one who has reached the brink of adulthood; that moment the child’s parents have been anticipating from his first cry: his final year of high school in preparation for college. I too, have reached that point in my life. Yet, while I go through the application process, network with teachers to ensure that all of my graduation requirements are met, and mentally preparing myself to make one of the biggest decisions of my academic career, I cannot dodge the most vital question, the answer to which will serve as the purpose for all of my hard work: why is a college education so important to me? While pondering the answer, I have stumbled upon a few reasons. A college education is important to me because it will help materialize my career goals, place me on a higher spot on the economic ladder, and serve as a needed transition into adulthood.
I believe there is so much hidden potential in today’s youth, but horrible circumstances such as suicide, peer-pressure, hatred, and crime serve as roadblocks to unlocking and utilizing that potential. By obtaining a degree in communications and furthering my education by attending law school, I would be given the bearings to mesh my professional interest of law with the hobby that I am most passionate about : writing poetry. Then, I would have an avenue to use the power of the spoken and written word to bring healing, justice, and conviction to such a generation as this. I would essentially act as a megaphone for the youth—providing a voice their concerns, struggles, and achievements as well make a profound impact with the creation of a poetry column in a...

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