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The Importance Of A Community Network In College

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We Have Been Created for Community
“God the Trinity is, in a profound sense, community. Human beings are made for communion with God and nurturing relationship with one another. Creation healed therefore means the restoration of healthy community in multiple definitions” (Snyder/ Scandrett 206). The argument that is made in chapter 13 is that we have been created to be in community with others, and that community is not only essential for us in our everyday lives, but in our Christian walk as well. The theme of being in community and our Cor group’s project is very similar. Cor Group 4 is interested in creating networking between both current Greenville College students and ...view middle of the document...

As a Cor group, we are also focusing on the importance of community. Starting this project we only thought about how important community is with each other, but we never thought about God as most important to have community with. Our group cannot fully understand community if we forget to address the most important relationship that there is.
“Community with one another in the local body of Christ” is the second dimension that gets outlined by Snyder. According to Snyder, this is the community that we receive when we are within a local congregation. This type of community is only possible because of the first. Since Jesus died for us, we are now able to sit people of our same religion and share stories, and proclaim Jesus. This is the basics of the project in that Cor group 4 wishes to accomplish. Our group is planning on creating lines of communications between current students and Greenville alumni in order to create a successful network. However, before we can do any of that, we have to start here in the current Greenville student body. Even though Greenville is not a church, it is a local body of Christ, and it is our starting place. We are seeking out our current body of Christ and helping it to reach out to places that it would normally not be able to. This part of the book is very helpful. It can help our group when it comes to dealing the Greenville student body. We now see them as a body of Christ instead of just people whom we can test things out on.
The next dimension that gets discussed in “Salvation Means Creation Healed,” is “community with the broader church within one’s region or nation.” “The New Testament church practiced effective translocal networking. It nourished a vital interconnection among hundreds of local churches, using the comings and goings of apostles, prophets, and others as well as many hand- carried letters and messages. This networking was not denominational structure or formal organization (Snyder/Scandrett 210). What the author is trying to say is that Christians are called to be in community with more than just that specific church or group. The New Testament is full of apostles like Paul who managed to keep up with many different churches during that time, and it was harder to communicate at that time than it is today. Snyder goes on to talk about how it does seem unrealistic to keep in community with people whom are so far away, but yet it needs to be necessary. For example, it is good for denominations to keep in community with their larger church. This is also something that our group has thought about, and we find to be very important as well. There are so many people with different majors and jobs that have graduated from Greenville College. However, Greenville College does not have anything set up at the moment to use this connection. Since the Greenville student body can be looked upon as a body of Christ, then was can say that the Alumni are the bigger church. It is...

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