The Importance Of A Comprehensive Vocabulary

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The words we use are vital to communication amongst all people and in all situations. Vocabulary is the body of words used in a particular language. It describes a list of words and conveys information and ideas . All communication serves as a medium to explain and inform using a particular vocabulary. It is an important source in all areas of knowledge. Having a larger vocabulary makes enables one to be able to understand more people and increases one’s understanding of people and aspects of the world compared to someone with a limited vocabulary. Without the right vocabulary, we may be unable to express an event or situation in detail, or the way that we are thinking it , so there is no way of communicating this idea to others and to pass it on. In this way, vocabulary can be a hindrance to our knowledge as well. It is the means for understanding and without the appropriate vocabulary, our ignorance to certain things is displayed. The truth in our knowledge is shown through our use of language and decided by the ways of knowing. These ways of knowing include language, perception and emotion. I agree with this claim and will show how our vocabulary can both demonstrate our knowledge and shape what we know by using the ways of knowing to explore the areas of knowledge.
In communication, words are used to convey situations, events and information. Literature is an area of knowledge that teaches us different words and uses of vocabulary to enable us to communicate our knowledge on a subject. We would have no knowledge of certain concepts if we did not have knowledge of the word or its meaning. In this way, vocabulary can also shape what we know. For example, a child can only understand things that can be described in a very basic vocabulary. The words used in explaining a concept to an elementary aged child would be completely different than explaining the same concept to a college student or professor. The vocabulary used in conversation with the college student would include more complexity, but would also go into a much greater depth about the subject. There is a difference in the vocabulary used because there is a difference in knowledge, which shapes what topics and what aspects of the topic can be discussed and understood. The amount of knowledge one has and what they are able to know and understand increases as their vocabulary expands. In literature, authors use vocabulary appropriate for their readers. The words used determine whether or not the reader understands what the author wants to be perceived. In this way, perception also comes into play in how vocabulary can shape what we know. The way we perceive and authors’ words can differ from what the author intended. If the author includes words that are unfamiliar to the reader, the reader may not be able to comprehend what the author wants them to understand. This is true for me when studying Shakespeare. Since I do not use the same vocabulary as his characters, understanding the events...

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