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The Importance Of A Father Essay

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As children grow up it is important for them to have a stable father figure in their lives. This person does not have to be their biological father, just a person who is responsible and reliable for them to look up to and use for an example. For young men for them to see how they should conduct themselves in life and for young girls to see how they should be treated in their lives.
In the book “The other Wes Moore” by Wes Moore, the author discusses his life along with another young man with the same name. Both young men grew up without fathers and both young men had very rough lives, though Wes Moore the author had his father for a short time so he was able to see what it meant to have a ...view middle of the document...

He saw Wes standing over him. Still squinting, he looked his son in the eyes. “’Who are you?’”(Moore p 102) Wes never had an appropriate role model his father lay drunk or high on the couch and didn’t even know who he was. Wes also had an older brother but he was in to the drug scene and though he didn’t want Wes to end up like him he didn’t know how to help him or stop him. The author Wes Moore had a rough start to his life but he had positive role models in his life. He had his grandfather to be there for him and to help him see what a man is like. He also went to military school so he had a number of positive male role models. Whereas Wes didn’t have any positive role models all of the men that where in his life were a part of the same world a part of the drug and crime world. It is hard to not notice that in the lives of both boys started out on a very similar path, but as their lives progressed there were some very significant changes. Wes went on in life and accomplished many things, where the other Wes Moore went to prison for murder. It is quite possible that if Wes’s father had been a dependable and reliable role model and been a part of his life Wes’s life would have turned out a great deal differently. As for the author Wes he did have a number of positive role models in his life especially later on in life and that could be the number one reason that he turned his life around.
There are a number of reasons why a person needs a positive role model, in a study done on a number of children the presence of the child’s father in their life has a positive impact on not only their emotional health but also on their ability to do well academically, as well as not having as many behavioral problems throughout their lives. “Data from three waves of the Fragile Families Study (N= 2,111) was used to examine the prevalence and effects of mothers’ relationship changes between birth and age 3 on their children’s well-being. Children born to single mothers show higher levels of aggressive behavior than children born to married mothers.”(Fatherhood) The rate of young adults who become incarcerated throughout their lives is much higher in those who grow up without a father compared to those who grow up with both parents. The rate for suicide in children who grow up...

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