The Importance Of A Formal Elt Education In Nicaragua

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The value of a college education had never crossed my mind twenty years ago. It was not until my then girlfriend, now my wife, asked me ¨Are you planning on being a P.E teacher for the rest of your life? ¨ I replied ¨What´s wrong with working under the sun and rain? Isn’t it healthy? ¨ I had neither a degree nor the slightest idea on how to get one. So, I decided to change this situation by enrolling in the National University to study English Language Teaching. A few months later the school where I worked downsized the P.E. department and my option was to transfer to the English department (formal education degree on its way.)The experience was a life-changer because being able to attend college has helped me to learn that formal education will not only open opportunities in the work field, but brings personal gratification as well.
Making the decision of going to college was an experience filled with challenges. Also, the academic curriculum itself would present me with much needed tools such as reading and writing approaches, the principals behind language learning and teaching, and classroom management, just to mention a few. Though, learning from these classes was not easy, they have brought me much help as a teacher.
Furthermore, it is worth mentioning the help that my classmates and family gave me in order to accomplish my goal : of graduating. On the other hand, my family was so supportive during the long study hours. I am sure that my classmates´ help and my family support made a difference while completing my first and second degrees. I realized the importance of friends and family support when one undertakes big projects.
The importance of my decision of going to college changed me for life. The first major change was in my better understanding of how the learning process develops in a second language environment. For example, taking the students through the pre, during and after reading process was an eye opener. The second change was related to improving my classroom management. For instance, I learned to develop small and large group tasks. ...

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