The Importance Of A Good Job Description

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Designing a recruitment plan is a very important duty for whoever is appointed this task because if an organization has a poor recruitment plan and a poor job description they will struggle to find the right candidates to interview for work and this could affect the organization if they are not well staffed with the right people. There are several steps involved in order to have a successful recruitment process, they may include; a job analysis for the department or organization (depending on the size of the organization), review or create the job description, choose a recruiting plan, such as conducting your own candidate search or hiring a firm to seek potential candidates for you to interview, and discuss with other staff who are pertinent to the position needing to be filled, what they feel may make a candidate qualified to work along with them in the department. When an organization has a well planned out recruitment plan, they should be able to hire a qualified and appropriate new hire to make their organization a great place to work and receive services from.

The first step in the process of hiring a highly qualified new employee is to begin with a job analysis of the position you are looking to fill. When doing a job analysis you want to collect data by observing the department you are hiring for, talk to department managers and current employees about the departments needs, you may provide questionnaires to get more direct feedback on what co-workers may be looking for in a new hire and create a well thought out job description. The first step I would take in improving the job process for hiring in my department is to observe the workers, I want to take notes on how they interact both within the same level of work (RN to RN) and how they work with others, either higher or lower than them in the department. Next I would conduct a department meeting where I would pass out a questionnaire about what makes a great RN as a co-worker. During the meeting I would encourage my staff to openly talk about the ideal candidate. I know I may be the one to choose the new hire, but I value the input given to me by those who will directly work with this new hire. Another step I would take is to review previous job descriptions and modify any (if needed) parts to improve the quality of candidates that will be drawn to this job opportunity. Appendix 9.1 in this week’s readings has a job description for a Registered Nurse, there are a few modifications I would make to this job description, I would start with the job title, this job description does not have a job title, and employment seekers want to be able to see right off the bat if the job description is in their area of interest. Someone who is not an R.N., would not at all be interested in this job post. However, having a job title such as, Registered Nurse at Medical Clinic, Full Time Days, with Rotating Saturdays, will be of interest to a certain type of person looking for that...

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