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The Importance Of A Healthy Father/Daughter Relationship

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The short story, Everything Stuck to Him is a sweet tale of a young couple who is struggling in the beginning of building their family. The young man in the relationship is discovering the harsh fact of sacrificing hobbies or activities for the people he loves. Throughout the tale it is clarified that the family has very little in value towards their life, and this is another key importance to how they struggle as a young family. The man and wife live underneath a dentist office in a miniscule apartment, and do not even have a room for their baby daughter. The family is new to being parents, and when the precious baby is crying all night long the mother is extremely worried about the health ...view middle of the document...

It is clear that something has happened to the man’s beloved wife and the daughter is able to sense the sudden melancholy in her father’s actions, thus, suggesting a night out in the city to help distract his mind and her own. This part of the story illustrates the relationship the daughter had with her father and mother.
Everything Stuck to Him is the a story within a story, and the man tells a tale requested from his daughter about the beginning of her life; the story he releases helps prove how this little family was going to be happy in the future. The daughter had a wholesome upbringing and enjoyed spending time with her father and hearing about when she was younger. The story her father tells is mostly about the start of his marriage, and the difficulty they endured then as a couple, but they were so in love with each other that they fought through. It was a scary time for the mother, her baby wasn’t sleeping and her husband was leaving for a hunting trip. The fact that the man returned to comfort his wife determined if their life was going to be happy or not. With him returning they had a good laughter and a decent bonding moment in their relationship. This moment of him getting sticky in maple syrup verified how their life was going to play out, which is pretty decently. The moment of them reaccepting each other after a nasty fight was the true deciding consideration in their marriage, the daughter asked for stories of her childhood because she had a great one. The only reason why it was so great was because of her parent’s wonderful marriage.
Carver plays an intriguing game through the jump of time frames in his short story, Everything Stuck to Him; the frames were significant in their order to show the bond between the father and daughter. The literature style of Everything is an eye catching statement, all the dialogue is stated without quotation marks, and the frames jump from when the daughter is older, to very young, and back to older. The...

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