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The Importance Of Academic Freedom Essay

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The Importance of Academic Freedom
What is academic freedom? Some might say, but really without even knowing it everyone with a social media profile if proof that academic freedom is alive and well. Academic freedom gives everyone the right to express their views in speech, writing, and through communication without fear of prosecution, unless the rights of others are violated. There are many elements of academic freedom such as; principles of academic freedom, electronic communication and academic freedom, the opposing side reasons for not wanting academic freedom. In order to understand academic freedom one must understand the principles.
Since the beginning of time people have wanted to question certain things that they did not agree with but couldn’t because the fear of punishment. Key principles of academic freedom are nature and purpose which is academic freedom with respect the rights of students and teachers which creates an educational context that promotes learning, development, and original research. Freedom of belief is that everyone has a right to believe whatever they believe in and to maintain or change their beliefs as they feel necessary. Schools may grade you on your knowledge of their beliefs but they cannot decrease your grade on your disagreement with their beliefs. Schools should encourage everyone to pursue their own interests and ideas. Inquiry should not be censored by restricting access to controversial topics. Everyone has a right to express their views privately and publicly without fear of punishment. Parents have a right to discuss their views with their own children and to communicate with the school if they do not agree with what the school is teaching. Academic freedom and freedom of speech are very similar where you have the right to say anything you like with getting in trouble as long as you don’t offend anyone. The differences between them are that freedom of speech is a face to face conversation peoples not in a class room and academic freedom is an oral or written conversation or statement that is used for a learning purposes.
Electronic communication is a newer part of the academic freedom because electronic communication has only been around for about the last 15 to 20 years. Some would suggest that the overriding principle would come into play seeing as it should be covered under freedom of speech since it is online conversation. Electronic communication is becoming a new vital extension to academic freedom because of online schools. It’s like forums and conversations online between...

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