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Every day, all over the world people hope and dream. Sadly, many of these dreams go unanswered, and their hopes unfulfilled. The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams is a prime example of this phenomenon.Most of the characters in this play have unfulfilled dreams and hopes. Tom, who is stuck in a dead-end job at a shoe factory, wishes to leave and lead a life of adventure. Amanda hopes for the success and happiness of her two children. Laura, who has wanted to try and be normal all her life, has lost contact with reality, and has become like a piece of her own glass collection, too fragile to move from the shelf.Tom; although the youngest child is the one faced with the most responsibility. He is the one forced to work all day in a shoe factory. He has to give up most of his money to pay the rent for their apartment, and to pay for all of their bills. This is not the life that Tom envisioned for himself. "Listen! You think I'm crazy about the warehouse?. . . You think I want to spend fifty-five years down there in that-celotex interior! with- fluorescent-tubes! Look! I'd rather somebody picked up a crowbar and battered out by brains- than go back mornings. . . For sixty-five dollars a month I give up all that I dream of doing and being ever!" This statement itself proves that Tom believes all of his dreams are lost because of his situation. Tom wishes for nothing more than to quite his job, and live a life of adventure. "I go to the movies because I like adventure. Adventure is something I don't have much of at work, so I go to the movies." Tom does eventually leave home at the end of the play to join the Merchant Marines. To further the point that this is a play of broken dreams, we can look at Amanda, the mother of Tom and Laura. Amanda grew up in the South, on a large...

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1206 words - 5 pages unique author which his story creates many emotional and valuable lesson throughout the story. The author uses many way of telling the story buy enhancing the reader understanding in regrades to the point of view of the story line. His use of author quotes, setting, and references create and unique book told by Jon Krakauer. Into The Wild creates a very valuable lesson on how you should always follow your dreams, rather then being told what you should do or what you should not. Chris was a perfect example and a inspiration to many including me.

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1490 words - 6 pages In the World of Dreams The science behind dreams can be used to find out the different types of dreams and how different age groups dream along with how different genders dream. Different types of dreams consist of day dreams, nightmares, lucid dreams, normal dreams, etc. Men and women both dream differently in a sense to what they dream about. Adults and children tend to dream differently also. There are different

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2309 words - 9 pages Dreams of Escape in The Glass Menagerie   "Anyone can handle a crisis, but day-to-day living is the most trying aspect of life" (Jackson 19). This is especially true in the drama The Glass Menagerie. None of the characters in this tale is willing to or capable of living in the present. Everyday life becomes so mindless and oppressive that each character's dreams and fantasies become more important than reality itself. Through their dreams

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The Importance of Dreams in The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost and A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

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980 words - 4 pages A definition of dream is an unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy. The theme I chose for Great Gatsby is that many people have dreams, and are willing to give up their high priorities to make them come true. In my essay I will give you some examples from the book of the Great Gatsby then explain why it supports my theme. The first point will be about Jay Gatsby and his hope for Daisy and what he gives up to be with her. Another point Daisy and

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1241 words - 5 pages and magic cannot make dreams come true. Only one's faith and effort will. The achievement of a dream is indeed the ultimate goal of life. Dreams are not easy to accomplish but are certainly worth a fight. The importance of dreams is presented in the movie Field of Dreams, directed by Phil Alden Robinson. From this film, Ray Kinsella was a farmer whose life appeared as picture-perfect. However, Ray saw life passing by

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2182 words - 9 pages The Purpose of Dreams A dream is an involuntary, hallucinatory experience that occurs during sleep. Throughout life, the average person will spend approximately 10 years dreaming, (Silverstein 15) yet people still know surprisingly little about why people dream, and what purpose dreams serve. "In spite of thousands of years of effort, the scientific understanding of dreams has made very little advance" (Fromm 7). Although scientists still debate

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2266 words - 9 pages intrigued because they always amazed me. She told me that there are four stages of sleep. She said that you begin to have dreams when you get to the fourth stage, and at that time you are in the deepest state of sleep. Once during the summer while at the mall my friend and I were walking around and checking out all the cool stores. Suddenly I glanced at a shelf of books, journals, and dictionaries of dreams. I picked up a dictionary, and began to flip

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