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The Importance Of Architectural Engineering Essay

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In addition, architectural engineers can be team leaders because they know how to balance the aesthetics features, and the functionality of buildings. Most engineers are trained only in the technical field, but architectural engineers are trained both in the architectural, and in the technical field. Therefore, they can apply engineering principles, but still appreciate the aesthetic concept of buildings. By applying knowledge of both fields in their projects, they create a balance. According to Jeff Codega, president/ CEO of Jeff Codega Planning/Design, “it is important in our man-made environments to keep a balance between aesthetics and functionality.” The ability to master both the ...view middle of the document...

Architectural engineers can also be leaders of a team in building projects due to their knowledge of the construction industry. A team leader needs to be an expert in his field, in order to manage, and advise the team with the correct information. Working in the building industry is a big responsibility that requires a lot of accuracy and detail. Since architectural engineering is a multidiscipline professional, architectural engineers have the authority to be the leader of the project’s team. Architectural engineering, as Johnson points out in the article “Are Software Architects like Building Architects?” is a combination of structural engineering and architecture. Therefore, when designing a building’s engineering system “[architectural engineers] are expected to be familiar with not only that system, but also with the multiple architectural considerations which may affect its design, installation, and operation” (“Architectural Engineering”). Because of this broad knowledge, architectural engineers are able to lead the team on the right path, and help avoid unnecessary mistakes that might affect the building’s construction in serious ways. They are able to advise on complex problems within projects, and offer suggestions for resolving them to avoid stagnations. For example, they can advise on areas that need improvement, and manage to develop constructions in the most cost-effective way. In the construction industry, “an [architectural engineering] professional, both an architect and engineer, is obliged to act as the leader of a project team due to the greatest possessed knowledge necessary to perceive and produce architectural and engineering designs” (Paranosis and Jodko). They are able to make quick decisions when needed, and keep the building project efficient. As a multidiscipline engineer, the architectural engineers have the ability to effectively apply their knowledge to buildings and building designs; therefore fit the leading position of project teams.
Besides using their knowledge to work on complex building and leading project teams, architectural engineers also have the ability to keep the environment safe. Experts in building environments have to make sure that they do not put the public in danger. We are surrounded by buildings, so architectural engineers have to make sure that those building are safe to live in and be around. Architectural engineers help protect the public from unnecessary risk because they are familiar with various building codes, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical codes, and the Life Safety Code (“Architectural Engineering”). They apply all these codes when constructing a building, to create a safe and healthy building for the public. Architectural challenges frequently require the skills of an architectural engineer. For example, an architect may include fireplaces in his design without proper consideration of fire safety. In this case, the architectural engineer will enforce firewalls to insure...

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