The Importance Of Art In School

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When I was in high school, I was very involved in the arts. I took a band, choir and two years of visual art. During the years of high school, I knew that the fees for the art courses cost much more than other electives at my school. I also observed that the school focused more on their athletic and academics programs, than on their art programs. We had many fundraisers to raise more money for the art programs even after paying an already expensive fee to takes these electives. Schools are neglecting the visual arts programs and placing all of their money and focus on academics and athletics programs. I propose a balance between the arts, academics, and the athletics.
In fact because of schools focus more on academics and athletics and that art programs are not their main focus. By this it is showing that the art inclined students are not their main focus, but would rather focus on the other students that would show that they are better than other schools in the area. Because of the school focusing on the students that are better at academics and athletics, it makes the art inclined students feel like they are not one wanted or are they should be better at academics and athletics just like everyone else at the school. It also makes them feel like they can't be a part of the school and make it better for everyone. With only one art teacher in my high school, only a few students could get into the art classes. This made it very hard for the students who really wanted to be in the classes and having to choose classes that they did not want and not able to express their creativity.
Therefore, A lot of schools are now implicating a program called Art integration. As Marshall, the author of “Transdisciplinarity And Art Integration: Toward A New Understanding Of Art-Based Learning Across The Curriculum." explains :
Art integration--which brings to teaching and learning the benefits of artistic thinking, process, and creativity--could be a major player in this new paradigm. However, for art integration to be a compelling alternative to other pedagogies and/or to play a pivotal role in shaping a new edu cation model, general educators must understand its potential for deepening and transforming learning across the curriculum. The challenge for art educators who support art integration is to fully delineate and promote art integration as the complex, dynamic practice it is so that those outside the field can see its potential. (105)
An art integration education has an emphasis on ideas, concepts, and issues that can be solved with a new emphasis on general education. Marshall also explains how art integration can help students develop building blocks for their education by stating:
Art integration has been variously characterized as multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, or trans disciplinary (Ulbricht, 2005). Klein (2000) and Leavy (2011) outlined the hierarchy implicit in ...

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