The Importance Of Award Winning Chef Hats

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The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food Guide is a critique's manual to the many restaurants that inhibit Sydney and its respected regions throughout New South Wales. It is highly regarded to be listed in the Guide as not all restaurants/cafes make the final cut. The guide itself outlines the details of a restaurant, such as the chef and owners, its website and seating and anything else interesting for the reader to know about. Restaurants are given a rating out of twenty, with a score of fifteen acquiring one hat. This essay will attempt to determine the importance of award winning chef hats, and why it's important for the restaurant that attains the hats to keep them.
The Good Food Guide is a manual in which editors from across the country work together to review and critique a restaurant based on food, service and atmosphere. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide focuses on restaurants within the New South Wales region, a majority originating from Sydney. Terry Durack and Joanna Savill are the head editors of the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food Guide and work with other critics in order to determine a restaurants rating. The hats are awarded on a basis that the correct criteria are met. On the foundation that taste, menu balance, ambience and professionalism are addressed it is ranked out of twenty. A minimum score of fifteen is needed to acquire at least one chef’s hat, whilst a score of sixteen and seventeen will award the restaurant with two chef hats. A rating of three chef hats requires a score of eighteen and more, and only three restaurants were deemed with that honour in Sydney in the year of 2011; being est., Marque and Quay.
It is important for a restaurant to win chef hats due to the high regard and integrity received due to being accredited in the Guide. Due to the difficulty in obtaining a hat it is pertinent to a business' reputation to maintain a hat less the customers view a hat loss as a drop in standards. Not only is it quintessential for the restaurant to maintain its hat rating, but it also is a motivation for a restaurant/cafe to keep up their standards. In addition to the Guide awarding hats, they also have "special awards" such as Vittoria Coffee Restaurant of the Year, Emirates Chef of the Year and Favourites. Recipients of this honour have presented nothing less than the best and are capable of excellence. Chef Martin Benn, protégé of Tetsuya Wakuda, won this year's Emirates Chef of the Year whilst Neil Perry's Rockpool Bar and Grill won Wine List of the Year 2011.
In essence, since beginning operations in 1982, the Guide has dealt with a variance of trends that change annually. This year the Guide refers to cooking techniques without too much intervention being back in favour, i.e. not playing with the food, and leaving it as natural as possible. Restaurants aim to keep their carbon footprint on the low, so as carbon emission continues to escalate, restaurants and cafes seek to be ethically responsible and...

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