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The Importance Of Carol As A Character In Willy Russell's Our Day Out

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The Importance Of Carol As A Character in Willy Russell's Our Day Out

The play, "Our Day Out" was written by Willy Russell in 1976, set in
Liverpool. Willy Russell was born in 1947 near Liverpool, he has also
written other plays such as, Educating Rita, Shirley Valentine and
Blood Brothers. The play "Our Day Out" was originally written for
television and was televised on BBC 2, 1977. It is a celebration of
the joys and agonies of growing up and being footloose, fourteen and
free from school. But this is more than a romp - it points up the
depressing present and empty future for these comprehensive no-hopers
from the backstreets of Liverpool, for whom a day out is as much as
they can expect. Willy was once a teacher for a while, this is
significant because he knows what he is writing about. He knows a lot
more depth, detail and understanding of the children in the play.
Willy is concerned that the system in schools is failing pupils. This
is what the play is trying to show and prove that point. The play is
about Mrs Kay's "Progress Class", who are children from poor/deprived
backgrounds and who are not very clever, are unleashed for a day's
coach trip to Conway Castle and the Zoo in Wales. The character I will
be focusing on in this play is Carol and how Willy Russell uses her in
this play. The play has meaning today, as there are children living
like this now. Which shows and proves Willy Russell's point, that we
to get something done about this.

Paragraph Two

Carol is the first person we see on stage. In Willy Russell's stage
directions he makes it clear that Carol is going to be a significant
character in the play. He lets everyone see what she sounds like,
looks like, her body language and her actions are like, which they
really stand out! "Carol rushes along the street wearing a school
uniform which doubles as a street outfit and her Sunday best" and "She
is eating half a sandwich and clutching a supermarket carrier bag".
The quotes shows that she comes from a poor background were her family
doesn't really have much money to spend, or that her family doesn't
really care about Carol much. You can tell that she is not very clever
by the way she talks to her friends and teachers "Miss is that in
England, Eh?" This shows that she isn't very intelligent and does not
have a good education. This proves that the education system is
failing children. When they are at the zoo, Carol takes an animal and
decides to give it a name "I'm gonna call mine Freddy. Hiya, Freddy.
Hello, Freddy. Freddy." It shows that Carol doesn't understand what
she is doing is wrong, but she desires to have something all of her
own to love, care and treasure. Carol realises what her life is like
at home and doesn't want to go back to that, which highlights the
message of social deprivation. Willy Russell...

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