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The Importance Of Client Server Computing For The Computerized Accounting System

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Magnificent Music, a CD and DVD retailer, consider expanding its business to other capital cities in Australia out of Melbourne. It prefers a centralized database and client-server system in order to operate the stores effectively and efficiently. This report mainly focuses on two aspects, the importance of the client server computing and how the client server architecture achieves the goal.

Importance of the client-server computing for the database access of each store

"A client-server system distributes computing functions between two types of independent and autonomous processes: servers and clients." (Considine, 2008) He also indicates that the client is any process that requests specific services from server processes and a server is a process that provides requested services for clients. The client-server model plays an important role in the security, consistence, usability and flexibility of the database.

The client-server computing places a crucial role in database access for each store located in various locations. To begin with, client-server model ensure the security of the data, such as the inventory quantity of CDs and DVDs, as the whole system is centralized to few servers which can be well stored by the owner and keep away from the malicious damage. Managers only need to set certain limitations to access the few servers instead of all the PCs in other circumstances such as peer to peer architecture.

Moreover, client-server model ensure the information consistent when the other branches request the information from the head store in Melbourne for the reason that all the alterations and updates deriving from all other stores are exercised within the main servers in the head store thus the each stores acquire the identical information, therefore improve the efficiency of the store. For instance, any Magnificent Music stores locate out of Melbourne can acquire the sales and purchase data of all the stores.

In addition, when it comes to the usability and flexibility, the client-server architecture also manifests its advantage. For example, the employee could quickly adapt the easy-to-use client application and process to ask services from the server even confronting with the perplex transactions, rather than the co mplicated, tedious and repetitive operation in file system. Besides, this model also shows improvement in the performance in flexibility. This means the program can be changed according to the different users and different limitations.

How does the client-server architecture extract the best from the database?

The superior merits of client-server architecture attribute to the following three aspects, as Considine et al (2008) indicates the independence of hardware and software platform, optimization of processing activities and advanced technology.

First of all, the client-server architecture is built on the independent hardware and...

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