The Importance Of Communicating Clearly With Others

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It is crucial to have the ability to communicate with others without a language barrier. If the ability acquired does not exist, one may face challenges throughout your life. Some challenges may include misinterpreting an individual, and having difficulty completing an important task. In the book “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave, one of the many protagonists Little Bee, faces a dilemma where she needs to learn the Queen’s English in order for her to survive in England as a refugee. She believes that if she learns the Queen’s English, people would treat her with greater respect and take her seriously than her fellow refugees. I can relate to Little Bee’s dilemma because I occasionally have ...view middle of the document...

My situation compared to Little Bee’s situation is different because she was forced to learn English to ensure her freedom in England, whereas I learned English to complete my education and have a steady job and future. Another alternate reason why I learned English is to ensure that if I ever needed help, I could always communicate in English since it is a universal language. Thus, Little Bee and I initially learned English for different reasons, but we both thrive for better communication with others.
Although I can comprehend my native language very well, some of my relatives treat me differently because I have trouble conversing in the language. This is one of the reasons I choose to pursue learning my native language so that I could effectively communicate with others. Little Bee is in the same situation as I am because she learns the Queen’s English to gain respect for herself and build her confidence. She believes that if she has confidence in speaking the Queen’s English; she would fit into the British society better. No one will judge her, and she will be free. In the book, Little Bee tries to convince a taxi man that she is a cleaner who needs to be picked up from the detention center with her fellow employees. “We are...

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