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The Importance Of Communication Essay

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Communication is the circulation of material via two people whereas one person is the
sender and the other is the receiver. The importance of communication is how the sender expresses
the intended message and how the receiver comprehends the material. Communication is an important
part of any affiliation whether business related or part of our personal lives. Any way you
communicate whether it is verbal, nonverbal, written, or visual communication certain things can
happen in the transmission phase that can make the presentation effective, ineffective, positive, or
negative. Listening and responding to the transmission of the message and its perspective or objective
will give both the sender and the receiver a comprehending among one another.
The communication process begins with the sender who must convert the message into a
dialect that the receiver can understand. The sentence structure, arrangement, and semantics must be
organized in a manner to where the receiver can distinctly understand and comprehend. Technology
advancement has given us many channels of communication and a much greater chance of a message
not being interpreted correctly although a more timely and efficient way of communicating. More
than ever the specific uses on how we connect, with one another makes it important to use proper
language principles, references, visual aids, and proper setting for the message to be effective. With
the many forms of transmitting, a message can easily be miss interpreted, because you are not
physically there to convey what you actually mean. It takes four steps to have effective
communication and they are listening, processing, organizing, and responding
(The 4 Steps To effective communication, 2012).
The receiver must be able to interpret your message by clearly understanding its meaning.
When you present a message from any communication channel you should present it in a manner
where the transmission will have the four effective communication skills or the message in turn will
be faulty, confusing, and ineffective. There are all types of ways a message can be miss interpreted!
Certain barriers are main causes for a message to be miss interpreted, such as language and written.
“If you as a sender speak in a language the receiver does not understand, the communication fails”
(Johnson, 2014). “Writing a message to a person who has difficulties, reading is also ineffective
communication” (Johnson, 2014). With such a diverse workplace in society language barriers is the
main cause for concern of the decoding process, because of the dialect and word comprehension.
Other forms of transmission can make an exchange ineffective also, such as poor nonverbal skills
(gestures, hand signals, and expressions) and the way you verbally communicate (critical, negative,
anger, and personal level).
There are four categories of communication channels which are verbal, nonverbal, written,
and visual. Verbal Communication is...

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