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The Importance Of Communication, And Teamwork Among The Flight And Cabin Crew

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TABLE OF CONTENTSABSTRACT 4INTRODUCTION 5Background 5Purpose/Audience 5Sources 5Limitaions 5Scope 5COLLECTED DATA 5Importance of Communication Among the Crew 5Main Cause of Aircraft Accidents 6Duties of the Crew Members 7Expectations of the Crew 7The Crew is a Team 8Intimidatin in the Cockpit 8Cabin Crew is a part of the Team 9Trusting the Crew's Judgment 9Crew Resource Management (CRM) 9Outline of CRM Training 10LOFT Training 10Organizing Resources and Priorities 11CONCLUSION 11Summary of Findings 11Interpretation of Findings 11REFERENCES 13ABSTRACTThe majority of aircraft accidents are caused by human error, and an accident or incident is linked together by a chain of errors. Most of these ...view middle of the document...

This report will also examine the CRM program.SourcesSources have been obtained for this report from the Internet and from the Waldo Library, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan.ScopeTeamwork and communication are a critical factor in the crew's operation of aircraft. Accidents can be prevented when these two factors are considered.COLLECTED DATAImportance of Communication amoung the CrewPeople communicate to each other every day. From a kids talking to their parents about their report card, to doctors working in an operating room. In order for us to understand one another we must be clear in what we say. For instance, if a doctor tells a nurse to pull a certain plug on a machine, he'd better be clear on what he says or the nurse might end up harming a patient. Likewise, the cabin and flight crew must work together.In a typical cockpit the flight crew is very busy, and they need to be well organized to handle the many tasks they perform. They need to communicate properly and clearly for safe operations, if they don't their actions could result in a tragedy.Main Cause of Aircraft AccidentsMechanical problems and technical malfunctions do contribute to aircraft accidents, but human error is the main cause, accounting for 65% of the accidents (FAA News, 1996). See the pie chart in figure 1. This figure is quit high, and if it were possible to reduce human error the accident rate would drop significantly. Accidents that occur because of human error are not a direct result of just one error but of a chain of errors. The human error chain results when one bad decision leads to another which leads to the accident. The question is, how can we reduce human error in the cockpit? Studies have shown that most incidents could have been prevented if communication and leadership skills were improved.Pie Chart figure 1:Duties of Crew MembersIn order to have a clear understanding of who's involved in the crew, these positions with their duties will be discussed. There are usually 2-3 flight crew members and 1-3 flight attendants aboard an airliner. In the flight deck are the Captain, Co-pilot and flight engineer. When there are only two flight crew members there's no flight engineer. (this is to reduce costs). The Captain is the Pilot in Command (PIC). He/she has the final authority of all decisions and all responsibility rest on his/her shoulders. The Co-pilot assists the Captain in his/her duties, like calculating fuel consumptions, weight and balance, navigation etc. He/she is Second in Command (SIC). The Flight Engineer helps reduce the work load of the Captain and Co-pilot. Some of his/her duties may include fuel consumption rate, weight and balance, and communicating with the cabin crew. The cabin crew consists of the Flight Attendants. Besides serving coffee and making sure passengers are comfortable, they are also responsible for briefing passengers on emergency procedures, evacuations, and informing the flight crew when problems arise....

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