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The Importance Of Communication In My Career

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Irrespective of the environment in which one works, communication is always vital and a key factor of success. Communication happens both physically and verbally and is absolutely essential if you want to inform someone about something. ‘Loud shouting and even violence are symptoms of the ailment, not remedies.’ (Adair 2009: 3). Communication has two main components; sending out a message to someone, and ensuring the message is received correctly to the other member of the conversation. It is thus fair to say speaking and listening are vital to effective communication. This essay will initially introduce me as a student, and my career. I will give a simple SWOT analysis of me and will then go on and breakdown the different methods and techniques of effective communication. Finally, I will talk about how effective communication is needed in my current position, as well as the future.

Computer Science is the name of my degree choice. Once graduated, I intend on becoming an Information Technology Consultant. The position will be on a contract basis, i.e. I will only be employed by a company for a period of time, until a certain project is finished. If my help is still needed within the organization, then an extension maybe drawn. Otherwise I will move on and work with another organization. The role seems temporary; however the pay suffices for this. The main thing that is carried forward is my experience. Alongside experience, my communication with the other members of the organization is extremely important, as a lot of jobs in this industry are promoted via ‘word of mouth’. If I am an effective communicator, I will be able to get a lot of recommendations and will be successful in the industry. If I am not an effective communicator then my career life-span may be short lived.

Not only will I be working with clients and other programmers, I will also have close interactions with the various managers; project managers as well as development managers. An IT consultant is normally employed when an organization has a major problem in their IT infrastructure, and the company is losing too much money if they do not resolve the issue immediately. The best solution to resolve the problem is to employ someone who is experienced in the job. This is where I come in. By establishing a good relation with both clients and managers, I will thus be able to further develop my career in the IT industry.

I am also considering going into managerial within the IT industry. In the managerial sector, communication skills are really desired. These skills as well as interpersonal skills are a high demand. These skills are really valuable as some members of ‘staff recognize the importance of training in communication skills’ (Hargie, Dickson and Tourish 1999: 12). However, I am extremely nervous and do not think I have the right qualities to be a manager. I am nervous when in the working environment and find it difficult to manage others.

A lot of people seem...

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