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The Importance Of Community Involvement Essay

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Maple High School students should be required to complete forty community service hours in order to graduate, resulting in student success in the form of community involvement. Students make amazing volunteers because they are energetic, enthusiastic and actually have the time to volunteer compared to adults. When students are in the process of completing their community service hours they are gaining a lot of experience, which is a valuable asset. During this process they are also being exposed to public and different environments that will help that adapt to the so-called “real” world. Community involvement will benefit students in many ways.
Students have the energy and enthusiasm to make great volunteers with the amount of time they have. In comparison to adults, students do not have large liabilities on them; they do not have to work everyday to support a family in most cases. Students have more time and fewer liabilities than adults. With the right ...view middle of the document...

The only way students can gain this valuable asset is through being required to complete hours at high school. Experience is very important along with references that can also be gained through volunteering in the community. It will also show a good character that participates in his or her society. Through the experience gained, students will also earn valuable skills that they can use in the future. Such as communication and problem solving skills that will help them easily adapt to any situation. Although some believe that forcing students to do community service hours will not benefit the community or the student, it is important to know that students are meant to be guided in the right direction. If they are not guided at a young age, they may never find the need to give back to their community. With the experienced gained, students are learning about their community.
In the entire process of students completing their mandatory community hours, they are being exposed to the outside world. They will come across the good and the bad, but they will also learn that everything is not perfect. Which is something that cannot be learned through a textbook but through life experience. Students will realize the needs of others and get over all of their wants. They will have the chance to help the community in many ways. For example volunteering at an animal shelter will teach students how to care for injured animals in need. The interaction between students and the community will allow students to gain insight on what they truly want to do in life. Volunteerism is the perfect opportunity for students to learn what cannot be taught from a textbook.
A part of an education is to educate students on humanity and that is what community service hours are. Students make the perfect volunteers because of their enthusiasm. In the process of completing community service hours students can gain a lot of experience from different fields. They will also be able to adapt to different circumstances during this process. With the completion of forty community service hours that Maple High School students need in order to graduate, will benefit both the student and the community.

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