The Importance Of Cultural Awareness In Doing Business Internationally

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7232 words - 29 pages of these cultural differences on their management practice from five aspects: cooperative strategies, conflict management, decision- making, work-group characteristics, and motivation systems. In one survey, cultural difference was the biggest barrier to doing business in the world market, as it ranked first in all eight items including law, price competition, information, language, and delivery. According to Hofstede (1993), management differs to

Doing Business in Germany A Cultural approach

716 words - 3 pages and understanding of these specific cultural boundaries can make the difference between success and failure in the business arena. Regardless of the challenges that represent the integration of the former East Germany, and after overpass the European crisis in 2008 Germany's democracy and economy appears strong and healthy, low unemployment and high levels of exports. It is remarkable to note that Germany’s economic power is basically based in

Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas

3123 words - 12 pages to make to their product and service offerings." One of the major barriers that a business faces while doing business overseas is the cultural differences between the nations. According to Hodgetts, Luthans, and Doh, "A major challenge of doing business internationally is to adapt effectively to different cultures."Steve Kafka, an American born Czech origin is one of these hundreds of entrepreneurial, who is considering expanding his pizza

Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas

1854 words - 7 pages Doing business overseas has its rewards, as well as its challenges. This paper will analyze the economic environment and the foreign investment climate for the Czech Republic, in order to help Steve Kafka, an American of Czech origin, to expand his business in his country of origin. Steve is a franchiser for Chicago Style Pizza and wants to open a new franchise in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The paper will present the cultural

Doing Business in Brazil A Cultural Approach to the Praetorian State

877 words - 4 pages Government and Congress have made a rigorous effort to advance the economic permanence of the nation and have put into practice changes in legislation, governance, and regulatory environment. There are even now a handful reforms to be applied by the new Government, but Brazil is indicating that it is becoming more and more linked with the global business network. For numerous reasons is very hard to realize, how a country with deep social, racial and

Doing Business in Russia A Cultural Approach to the Uncertain Giant

888 words - 4 pages Uncertainty is clearly the scenario that accompanies business people when decide to start operations in Russia. In fact, Russia ranks fairly high on the World Bank Group’s index of difficult places to do business and is strongly related by Russian cultural characteristics and the impact of the Soviet past. The adjustment to a democracy and capitalism is not encouraging at all; massive displays of conspicuous wealth and consumption contrast with

Issues of Cultural Awareness in Curriculum Design

1284 words - 5 pages cultural background as only 40% of my students being able to understand and appreciate the other 60% of my student’s backgrounds has been very important. Sometimes it is something simple that you wouldn’t normally think about if you were not in education. For example I recently asked my students to tell me about their traditional Thanksgiving celebrations. What do they eat, where do they go, etc. I shared my family traditions with them first and

Cross-Cultural Differences Between Doing Business In France And China

1970 words - 8 pages As we revel in the wake of Globalization, models of organizations and styles of management are becoming increasingly similar. However, this conversion has a limit. Some cross-cultural differences will not disappear so easily and managers will have to understand and appreciate these cultural ‘oddities' if they wish to run a successful business. Let us take China and France as examples of two very different countries that may have cross

Cultural Awareness the Country of Brazil

2446 words - 10 pages acceptable in Brazil, unlike in many other countries throughout the world. There is also, what is known as the kissing protocol in Brazil, it is customary to greet each other with a kiss on each cheek, however this is disappearing in the white collar business world as they Brazil adapts to the more global standard of doing business. The fact that Brazil is so accepting to sexual pleasures and promiscuity has led to a much less flattering fact of this

Cultural Awareness the Country of Italy

2496 words - 10 pages much customs, for example in the 14th century the start of the Renaissance started in Italy an announcement to the world that Europe was out of the dark ages. Italy boasts many achievements such as the Sistine chapel and the Mona Lisa these items are priceless which are admired today. Poetry and literature was growing at a rapid pace for being able to read set the stage for a Renaissance. Relationships in Italy vary from business relationships to

Social Analysis of Doing Business in Indonesia

827 words - 4 pages Concerning the social part of doing business in Indonesia it is interesting to point out that there are several features which may complicate the Indonesian market entry. Language Barrier According to Dean (2001), proficiency in English language in Indonesia frequently causes problems and especially while signing contracts. Even though language is easily understood among educated Indonesians but the average level of comprehension is generally

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1967 words - 8 pages The Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas The fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 and the Velvet Revolution ended Czechoslovakia turbulent political history, and establishing democracy. The Czech Republic is embracing the western style models of political and economic reform. In addition the Czech Republic made an agreement and is now a member of the European Union. This will increase their potential for expanding markets and creating

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1152 words - 5 pages countries.During 1945-1990, the Czech Republic had a communist regime, as part of the Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia. Nowadays, the Czech Republic is a free market economy. One of the biggest challenges while doing business in the Czech Republic is the bureaucracy. The decision making process takes longer than for US counterparts as the business people in the Czech Republic prefer a methodical approach on analyzing proposals to in-depth details.Steve

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2570 words - 10 pages The Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas Introduction There are several challenges such as the impact culture and management practices to succeed overseas with business ventures for an American Company that takes the greatest risks in making decisions. In this Scenario, Steve Kafka, an American of Czech origin and a

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1180 words - 5 pages businesses owners have closed their oversea businesses within three years. Steve Kafka is one of the American business owners who want to expand his business into the Czech Republic. Although Steve Kafka's origin was from Czech, knowingly only the Czech language would not help Steve Kafka's business to succeed in the Czech Republic. The tips below might help Steve Kafka to overcome the cross-cultural challenges.Major differences and incompatibilities