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The Importance Of Diversity In The United States

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The material I have studied about diversity in the US has definitely given me a better understanding and has allowed me to relate to others in ways that I may not have in the past. Being a young adult, I found myself being influenced by different social stigmas and stereotypes set forth by society. We often tend to forget the importance and the values that a culturally diverse US brings forth. Instead of poking fun of other ethnic backgrounds and culturally diverse groups we can learn from them. The US continues to grow more and more due to immigration. The numerous amounts of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, religions, and beliefs all make up what we know as the “melting pot” in which we live. It is common to fear the unknown. This is what gives birth to prejudice, being judgmental towards others and discrimination. Being a minority myself and having parents from 2 different cultures helped me gain a better understanding of the constant struggle we must endure to become accepted, respected and successful.

The population of the US is projected to have a significant increase by 2050. This will be primarily due to immigration giving credit to the Asian and Hispanic communities. The dramatic increase will be due to migration and high birth rates of immigrants, especially Hispanics. According to studies, the number of immigrants will rise from 1.4 million per year in 2005 to approximately 2.1 million per year by 2050. In my opinion, majority of immigrant families are larger in number. Therefore the birth rates of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants will play important role in this significant increase. In addition, the golden promise of our land of opportunity will continue to be a factor. Many families will continue to migrate to the US to provide better opportunities for their children and give birth to natural born citizens. Although the population of the non-Hispanic whites in the US will continue to grow, it will not grow at the same rate as other ethnic groups. It is said that non-Hispanic whites would go from 200 million in 2005 to approximately 207 million in 2050. I feel the reason for this is because a large number of non-Hispanic whites are financially well off, families are fewer in number or possibly have no children at all and have fewer struggles than immigrants. Currently whites represent 69% of the population according to the US Census Bureau. This number is on a slow decline and in 2050 the numbers will support the estimated projections.

There are many challenges that the US face due to the diversity of its people. One of these challenges happens to be a lack of trust. This is evident in the workplace, schools, and socially. There are several reasons why different ethnic groups have a lack of trust for one another. Current events can also support this theory. For example, terrorism has put much fear and doubt in the minds of many people. Although it may not hold true for ALL people, a...

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