The Importance Of Eating Healthily Essay

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That sure was fun! I never imagined that building a snowman could use up so much of my energy. All that playing made me hungry. Some of my friends tell me they have a habit of eating junk food. They eat tons of sweets, doughnuts, and chips before meals, and I think they took up a very bad habit. Well, at my age I know that a great way to get my energy and to keep my healthiness is through eating a good variety of foods from the four major food groups: grain products, vegetables and fruit, milk products, and meat.Grain products include bread, breakfast cereal, corn, bagels, pita, buns, pasta or rice. These foods come from grain and they contribute iron, thiamin, riboflavin and vitamins to the human body. It would be a good idea to build each of your meals around a hearty grain dish. Grains are rich in vitamin B, zinc, as well as protein and fiber. Grain is full of vitamins and is extremely healthy for you. It has vitamin B, which stops the skin from being too greasy or dry. A lack may cause poor hair growth or dandruff. Nutrition experts say that healthy eating has a positive effect on your health and the way you look, feel and think. Grain products are important for everyone, no matter what age.The vegetables and fruit group mainly contributes vitamins C and A, with some vegetables and some fruits also providing extra energy and minerals. Every human being has to eat vegetables and fruits. Fruits alone are rich in water, minerals, vitamins and glucides. When the fruits are in the organism they accomplish a series of actions: burn acids, clean the insides and stimulate the liver's functions. Fruits give you energy and they keep you healthy. For example, vitamin C in the citrus fruit can cure a nasty disease called scurvy. Vegetables are an important source of nutritive elements. They have a large percent of water and the dried parts are formed of glucide. The vitamins and mineral elements are found in important proportions...

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