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The Importance Of Education And My Personal Learning Experiences

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Honestly speaking, I was an eager child to attend school. Around middle school and high school I became less focused on school and more focused on whether or not people liked me and baby sitting my mother's alcoholic boyfriend. Focusing on these things instead of my school work I ended up doing poorly in both my education and personal life. Coming from a household where neither adult had attended college it was not expected of me to attend either. Not only am I in college now but I plan on earning two degrees. The opportunity to be able to do what I love everyday can only be achieved through education. I want to advance my life and help out others at the same time. I believe people learn ...view middle of the document...

I believe this involves earning a degree in Electrical Engineering and a degree in Small Business. I have plans on taking both degrees to at least a bachelor's level. I know I will be in school a while longer than the average student but it really is a dream of mine that I am going to achieve due to my ambition and successful class grades. The activities I plan on involving myself in are a club of my choice and performing volunteer work. I believe Valencia can give me a good head start on where to go to immerse myself in such activities. My personal goal in college since 2011 has been to raise my grade point average up as high as possible because I know I have the potential and feel that I need to make up for my semester I withdrew from back in 2005 which lowered my grade considerably.

I am going to state the obvious and say that my advanced education will help dig me out of my current dead-end job. The level of happiness and enjoyment I am going to get out of life will increase significantly. I will have the opportunity to apply my education everyday in my career to help fulfill people's needs in a way I enjoy and completely comprehend.The more of my education I apply the more I can stay on the cutting edge of technology which ensures my main priority of job stability. I will find the perfect balance of running a successful business properly and also developing new technologies. Not only are my customers going to benefit but I believe...

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