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The Importance Of Education And Teaching

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“I do not want to go to school today!” “I hate my teacher, and she hates us!” “She's boring and we do not even learn anything!” “Ugh, why do I even have to go?” At one point or another in our lives, we have all been in this situation. Whether it was watching a friend or sibling throw the tantrum, or if it was you yourself, we have heard the excuses above plenty of times. Ironically, these are not always excuses used in hoped of enjoying a day off from school, as sadly, these “boring” and “hateful” teachers do exist. But what causes teachers to act this way and treat their students in a way that they feel under-appreciated or as if they are a nuisance? Many teachers go to work everyday to ...view middle of the document...

At the same time, if you could use mathematical equations there was not a problem that you could not solve. Without knowledge, and the further pursuit of it, there seemed to be nothing else fit for my future. All throughout my schooling, I have also been lucky enough to have had tremendous and inspirational teachers who have shown me the power in being on the other end of the learning by being an educator. That power that I was shown, by my teachers who were engaged, had infectiously positive attitudes and simply loved what they did, is one of the main reasons that I want to become and educator, so that I may too spread that same love and thirst for knowledge. Another, more personal reason that I want to become an educator is due to my grandparents. Growing up, I have seen both ends of what an education can provide, and what not having one can do to your whole life. One on side, I have grandparents who themselves were teachers and were always willing to share their stories, both good and bad, their lessons and have provided me with knowledge and words of wisdom that only someone who has been in the classroom can give. One the other side, I have grandparents who have shown me what a lack of opportunities and an education can do to your life. As they both migrated to the United States as young teenagers, they did not receive the chance to properly finish their education, which causes them to lack basic skills such as reading and writing fluently. Seeing them struggle with these basic tasks on a daily has shown me that an education is not something that should ever be taken for granted. For me, I believe education is something that everyone should have access too, and it is awful to see first-hand what the consequences of not having one can be. Seeing both the good and the bad of what education can do in my personal life is one of the biggest motivators for my career choice as an educator.
Overall, I believe education has one broad main purpose: to equip students with the knowledge they need for the real world so that they may grow and succeed in their endeavors and lives. In order for this to happen, each individual must play an important role in the education process. One extremely vital part of education is the curriculum that is being learned, as it is the basis of the learning that is taking place. Since curriculum is the base, it must first and foremost be correct in its information and without bias or discrimination. Curriculum should also be relevant to each students age and differing abilities, and should be applicable to the real world, as it would be a waste of time and resources to teach a skill that can not be used or is beyond a student's comprehension level. In addition, curriculum should be engaging and encourage students to keep pursuing knowledge as that is how they continue to grow. Another key player in education is the student themselves. Since they are the individual that is receiving the information, it is their job to be...

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