The Importance Of Electricity Essay

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William Gilbert, the “Father of Electricity” once said, “Things are seldom what they seem.” Electricity might seem like a small, useless creation to some, but it has had an incredible impact on many people. In my opinion, the harnessing of electricity is the most important invention. Electricity has affected my life in more ways than one. It has allowed me to survive in a modern world and permitted me to spend more time with my grandfather.

Electricity is a key component in modern technology and without it most of the things that we use everyday wouldn’t be able to work. As we compare life now to what it was like in the past, life is certainly easier. Electricity has permitted us to advance from cutting blocks of ice from frozen lakes in the winter in order to keep food cold to using modern refrigeration. It has allowed us to move on from burning fuel, such as wood and coal, to heat the food we eat to using microwaves. It has also enabled us to progress from using fires, candles, torches, and gas lamps as a source of light to utilizing light bulbs. Electricity is the basis for many inventions, and life in the 21st century wouldn’t be imaginable without it.

Electricity plays an important role in hospitals. Hospitals would have significantly less medical equipment available to help people with medical problems. Electricity has saved lives and helped people live longer. Electricity allowed me to spend more time with my grandfather. Four years ago, my grandfather experienced a minor stroke. This was due to the frigid winter in India, which caused his blood to clot in his brain. However, in a matter of weeks, he was back at home due to the fact that the hospitals had advanced medical supplies and equipment. A couple of weeks later, my grandfather fell down and broke his hip. Because he had surgery on his leg prior to the incident and his body was very weak, doctors tried to avoid the surgery...

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