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The Importance Of Enjoying A Place

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The importance of enjoying a place
Soccer is a sport that consists of eleven players in each team, a goalkeeper and 10 field players; you need to score by placing the ball inside the goal. Although soccer is a sport; for me it was a dream once I started playing, improving, and having future on it. It is not just the most popular game on Mexico, but in the world. A place you look as special one day the next day is just a place without color, without shine.
One day I was at my house watching T.V. and playing videogames, it was a rainy day and I didn’t want to go out, it was cold, without sun; a bad day to be out with friends. One of my friends went to my house after the rain, he asked me if I wanted to go to play soccer, in fact I didn’t want to, I was sleepy, tired, with the desire to be on bed all day long, but he convinced me of going out, we arrived at the field, there were a lot of friends of my friend, but no one I knew, it was uncomfortable to be there without knowing someone. We started talking, meeting, saying names, positions, etc. After everything, we started playing; first I was confused; I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t understand how they played. I used to like soccer, but it was just a sport for me, nothing special, but after that day that field made me saw soccer as a way of having fun with friends, I started to meet people, to make new friends, we played for two or three hours, but the knight came in, I didn’t want to go to my house, I met a person who knew about soccer, who knew how to play, who knew the importance of team work. The next day I went excited, I knew it would be amazing, the court was excellent, the smell of the grass, how green it was, it was just something I can’t describe; I’d never see a court which made me feel the excitement of playing. I met a guy named Hugo he started teaching me how to play in the midfield because I was forward, but he said I would be a better midfield, I started learning and after a while I thought I could be professional, we played every day, 2 or 3 hours, after playing we used to be outside talking about everything, Hugo started to be a good friend, we can talk about everything, he taught me how to play as a midfielder, I liked it more as playing as forward, it was the most incredible thing.
Although it was a good...

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