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The Importance Of Exercise For Children

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We know just how important it is to stay fit and be active every day, in order to better ourselves, our bodies and even our lifestyle. Aspects like our bones and muscles are very important to us (especially in the growing stages for children) therefore it is up to us to help them develop, make them stronger and to be more active, starting at a young age of course. Like most adults, all children need to exercise or partake in physical activity as often as possible in order to better develop the body and keep the body in a reasonable healthy state. We often hear and see how the children of today are either not getting enough exercise per day resulting in some becoming overweight or simply that ...view middle of the document...

Before we go on, let us get a better understanding of the two types of training for children, resistance and exercise. According to (2014:1), resistance training (strength training) is best described as the type of training which involves the increase of an individual’s muscle strength or even size by simply doing various exercises with weights, own body weight and even aspects that offer resistance, putting force on the muscles. However, according to Nordqvist (2009:1), exercise training can be compared to a particular physical attribute which exerts an individual’s body to do physical activities which may lead to the result of a healthier lifestyle physically and psychologically. With regards to children and exercise, we don’t stress enough how important such an activity is. According to Gavin (2012:1), children who engage in physical activity or even resistance training are less likely to be overweight, reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and even develop stronger bones and muscles. Children of all ages need to have a better understanding of why they need exercise and that exercise is enjoyable.

It must be noted, that with any type of training there needs to be set guidelines, especially for children. Having or abiding to such guidelines can direct a child into the right direction on becoming healthier as well as gaining an understanding of what is safe to do and what is not. With regards to exercise training (aerobic activity), there are general guidelines that need to be applied in every training session. According to Katch and McArdle (2011:427), whenever a child starts to train aerobically, there are three stages in which to follow such as starting slowly (stretches), allowing a warm up session (jogging on the treadmill or skipping rope – warming the muscles) as well as a cool down session (various stretches). Such instances are important in preventing injuries or discomfort for the child and for their body, seeing as they are still within the growing stages. By not following such guidelines can often form a part of discomfort leading to long time injuries depending on the child’s age. Other problematic areas include that the child may even suffer from dizziness or nausea afterwards. With regards to the warm-up session, Katch and McArdle (2011:427) state that such a session should be done within a 5 – 10 minute period with an intensity between 50% to 60%. With reference to the guidelines for exercise training, it must be noted just how important the relationship between a child and the exercise is. Children can usually be regarded between the ages of 5 – 12 years of age, so by involving the child in any form of activity such as running, playing sport, jumping or even playing fun games helps improve their physiological functioning thus benefiting them in the long run.

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (2014:1) mentions various other guidelines planned to ensure a better and effective exercise training session for...

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