The Importance Of Faith In "Prisoner Of Tehran"

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In popular culture a person is admired for having the quality of doing what is right and the ability to overcome any obstacles. In works of fiction these people usually end up fighting violence with violence until they defeat their adversaries. Real life is much more different. In the book Prisoner of Tehran, when Marina is only sixteen years old she is arrested, imprisoned, and tortured. Her life is filled with great sorrows and tragedies that would crush the spirit of most people, but Marian is able to endure these hardships. Marina has a very strong faith in God and she is able to accept what she can not change and she refuses to give up no matter how bad things become for her.

Marina is a devote Christian her faith gives her the strength to deal with hardships that she encounters in her life and her faith gives her hope that things will get better if she perseveres. "Second strike: my breath stopped in my throat. How could anything hurt so much? I tried to think of a way to keep myself bear it. I couldn't scream, because there wasn't enough air left in my lungs. Third strike: the scream of the cable and the blinding agony that followed. The "Hail Mary" filled my head" (Nemat 18). When Marina is being tortured the pain is unbearable. They only way to stop herself from being torture would be for her to give up her friends so they too can be tortured. She doesn't want to be the reason that her friends are tortured, so she can't name them. She has to let them torture her and she has to endue the unbelievable pain. When she can not imagine going on her faith saves her. Without thinking the words of "Hail Mary" come to her mind. She says the "Hail Mary" and this gives her the strength to survive her torture session.

" I thought of the Church constantly. I could smell the candles burning in front of the image of the Virgin, their lights flickering with the hope of being heard. Had she forgotten me?" (116). Marina was sentenced to death for not co-operating with her interrogators. Her death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. She has no hope of ever being released and ever seeing her family again. She has nothing to look forward for. Marina experiences some doubts and wonders if God or the Blessed Virgin can hear her. But she does not give up. She draws strength from her faith in God and from her memories of going to church. Her faith gives her hope and this enables her to endure her imprisonment.

Before she was imprisoned Marina protests against the injustices that she sees around her. She finds herself the centre of a student strike, meets with other protesters she goes to a demonstration and puts up a poster telling people how government troops fired on the demonstrators. At this point in her life Marina doesn't understand that there are things that she can not change. Only after it is too late does Marina develop the inner strength to accept what she can not change. "However there was nothing I could do but wait. I...

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