The Importance Of Feminism In Society

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There are many definitions of feminism, but most importantly feminism should be considered as a tool to advocate for women's rights in politics, law, science and society in general. This is an important aspect of protection for women against inequality, insecurity and discrimination. Reasonable representations and arguments about women's ideology provide us a complete picture the nature of feminism. There are many stereotypes about feminism which describe feminism in a wrong way. So, what is feminism true meaning? Feminism reveals important aspects of feminism and women's perception of the quality and women’s ability to be equal to men and, even compete with them. Famous philosophers and feminists, Martha Nussbaum and Judith Butler suggest some feminist theories and explain the value of their theories.
Referring to Nussbaum’s theory about Objectification, in our “free” and “democratic” world, women still lack security and equality. There are still a lot of issues that needed to be studied and resolved about social perception of women. The paradox is that we are still facing racial intolerance, class struggle, sexual harassment and violence, but now they are more hidden. Following this statement’s concept we conclude that origin of women “inequality” has its roots in the distant past. It is impossible to find out about the original concept and causes of male dominance. Certainly, there might be some important reasons why men were always in charge; and those reasons were important for that time. For example, women could not survive long and hard hours of work on fields to grow food, and they were considered being housewives who should take care of their men and children. Hence, women needed men who could take care of them. On the other hand, we live in a “free” and “democratic” world, but we still have clichés about women’s capabilities which should be seen as a strong influence of a social structure from the past. In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to women’s position transformations in politics and society.
“Feminist Internationalism” became one of the strongest terms in feminists studies. Its structure is based on development and improvement of women’s international recognition as being equal to men. Nowadays, we talk about Feminism as the International Feminist Agency that claims and proves women's ability to compete and, in some case s, being better than men. Internationalism still has “shaky” positions. It challenges religion and cultural perception. Sometimes it might be unfulfilled or not fully performed. Its effectiveness is based on the countries’ culture and the population desire of changing...

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