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The Importance Of Gender In An Organization

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In what ways is gender relevant for work and organisation in the 21st century?

Nowadays in most of the countries there is no gender differences, there is equality everywhere. However, are we all the same? Not really. If we define “sex” first of all we are thinking about biological differences, while “gender” usually refers to the social and psychological. It is crucial to understand these definitions, because sex refers to the natural quality, but later on individual person indentifies himself through the gender socialization.
Originally gender represents an important social mechanism in order to highlight the differences between them to make clear the gender roles in the ...view middle of the document...

These elements are workplace stories that employees share, organizational structures which affect the power bargain in the company, routine (we always did in that way), control systems of the tasks execution, and others. The said elements are the vital parts of the cultural web with the paradigm resided in the center. In this regard the paradigm is the company’s mindset or culture (Butler, 1990).

Changing the company paradigm always displaces people from their comfort zones. Doing things in a new way requires additional efforts and time, which are not always welcomed by employee (Clarissa W. Atkinson, 1987).

The common issue in the change process that many companies experience is the resistance from employees. The main goal of the change process is for some reasons to modify the current state of affairs within the organization. These reasons may be changing customer preferences, competition, productivity and turnover. No matter what the reasons are, any change process involves learning and doing things differently. At the same time, the change process brings some level of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. At this point, the resistance starts (Cook & Massey, 2006).

One reason why women and men resist is because they fear that they can lose something because of the change. In one case, men afraid may lose his leadership status in the team. In another case, women afraid they may be forced to share his working space with colleagues (Dellinger, 2002).

Here the problems appear, due to the natural differences, men are intending to keep their leadership and when the woman becoming a leader they are stressing out (Hatch, 1993).

Misunderstanding of the change consequences brings the second reason of the resistance. In one case, when the managers announced the flexible working schedule for all employees, they started to fear, that they would be forced to work whenever their supervisors request. However, the initial assumption of the change was to make working conditions more attractive (Hofstede, 1997).

Furthermore, men and women often assess information differently, in comparison between each other. Usually, the initiators of the change process are managers at the different levels of the company’s hierarchy. Those managers usually have a bigger picture in their minds and when running their departments, have to keep in mind employees, customers, investors and stakeholders. In order to keep the organization functioning, those managers must always monitor the opportunities for improvement. Women however, are communicating mainly with customers and may have little or no knowledge about stakeholders and investors. For the men, their current position and wages are more superior, rather than goals of investors (James A. Banks, 2007).

Finally, employees may fear that they can fail to develop new skills that will be required of them, because of the natural predispositions. Gender differences bring many examples, where members of one...

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