The Importance Of Vacations From Work

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A typical day in a businessman’s life involves waking up early, grabbing a coffee, racing to the office, and working long stressful hours. Even once he makes it home that night his work usually comes with him via blackberry. Family time is most likely limited to the weekends. Even then, he might still be busy on his phone or checking his emails. Taking a break from such a life by sitting on the beach or touring the world or even sitting at home can have a major effect on your life. People don’t realize how stressful and damaging life can be without vacations. Taking annual vacations are vital to living a healthy and productive life.
Life without vacations is a life that many people live with numerous excuses to support their lifestyle choice. A study done in Canada shows that in the year 2007, twenty-one percent of Canadians didn’t take their vacation days that were allotted to them. This number has steadily increased from the previous six years (Sankey, 2008). There are many reasons people will provide for delaying to take a vacation. One argument someone may have is he cannot afford a vacation. There is a recession now and it is much harder to make ends meet. Another argument—if his ego is really big—would be that his company can’t run without him. A third reason, one that most people wouldn’t admit, is that they are more comfortable at work than at home with their family (Anonymous, 2006). The list of excuses is endless and its result is, many people are not taking vacations and living stressful lives.
Although there are many pros for avoiding vacations, vacations are necessary for your health. Taking vacations can clearly improve your health. A multi-generational study of cardiovascular disease showed that women who rarely took vacations, had a fifty percent higher occurrence of heart disease than women who took vacations around twice a year. Statistics on men also show that those who don’t take vacations frequently have a fifty percent greater chance “of dying from a heart attack” than those who do vacation more often (Barker, 2009). Is it worth it to work those extra two weeks a year and risk having a heart attack? Work can be stressful, and constant stress can negatively affect your health. Taking a break from this can only positively affect you. Once a person is taking a vacation it has to be done correctly. By taking along a blackberry or laptop you are gaining absolutely nothing. A vacation is a break from everyday life. Its goal is to escape the stressful components of working. By taking...

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