The Importance Of Giving Awards Essay

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The Importance of Giving Awards
Students have their own choices whether stay in school or work if they are supported. Life today, money is everything unfortunately and I think that the getting a job is taking in the first place for most people. Therefore, people may think drop out or don’t go to school at all and have a job. College students are the leaders of tomorrow and due to a struggling economy, college students are being forced to make a decision between staying in school and accepting alternative methods to make a living such as finding a job. Education is highly important to receive additional benefits in your career and to build a strong base for a family. However, many students are choosing to put the idea of college on hold and finding a job., but they forget that in order to have a good job, they must get a good education and go to college. If they don’t, they’ll go nowhere. Therefore, I believe that encouraging students to stay in school and continue in their learning one of the most important responsibilities for both individuals and the government. Especially giving awards by teachers is important and it encourages and supports the students to stay in school. As far as I am concerned that, giving awards to students is important in terms of higher educational quality, economical situation, and development of new study areas.
To begin with, giving awards related to higher educational quality. If students are supported by awards, they will be encouraged and produce more effective studies. Because it will increase the competition. Students will focus more on school if they know they’re getting awards for doing their work, homework etc. I know if I were getting paid for doing well in school I would try my hardest on everything to get awards. Focus is the biggest thing in school, if you do not focus on your work; it is not easy to become successful. However, focusing on your studies makes you more productive, and with the help of it you can produce better studies. It leads to competition which is in a good way between the students....

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