The Importance Of Good Attitude In Electrex Company

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As attitude is defined as the psychological reaction toward a person, situation, an object, a team (organization). In other words, its our perception towards different things that we interact in our life and it usually affect our thoughts and behaviors. electrex company as we mentioned in the above, it’s made up of different teams that plays various roles for the company to reach its level or achieve its objectives. Our point is that in electrex company a team is made up of at least eight individuals, mostly with different age groups, race, and sex as there is no restriction. In electrex company some of the members in the group have different psychological reaction towards their project, team members and the company itself. The majority of the leaders has said the diversity of the teams in Electrex Company sometimes creates conflict as they have different attitudes towards the things that a team interacts.
In electrex company leaders believe having the positive attitude and keeping yourself calm when dealing with conflicts in a team is the best way to terminate the conflict and able to bring the team together no matter how diverse the team is. Pygmalion Effect refers to leaders attitudes and how they supervise their members can actually determine the performance of one member or perhaps the whole team. Thus In electrex company the leaders have adapted different leadership styles accordingly, but however every leader has high expectations for the team and because of the high expectation members are likely to become productive in order for them to reach leaders expectation.
In electrex company, the expectation of the managenet its not enough to make the individuals productive in what they do. The fact is that if workers needs and wants are been met the workers are surely become more productive, for that reason the senior management in electrex company mentioned that its leader’s job to identify the things that motivates the workers and goes by satisfying them. So what the various managers in electrex company found out after carrying out a research is that not all the individuals are motivated by the same thing, the fact is that some of the are financially motivated while the others are not into money. So some of the determinants are the attitudes of the individuals towards the work itself, the mount of money they are given(salaries), the...

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