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The Importance Of Good Communication In Business

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This skill is one of the elementary functions of management in any business and its importance is hardly be overstated. It is a process of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organisation. It is impossible to have a relationship with stakeholders without communication. Good and effective communication is required not only for forming relations but also for success of the business.
Business communication encompasses not only communicating with external contacts but also with employees within the organisation. This will aid business in being well-organised and every matter whether it is a problem, an inquiry or a sales letter will be attended or properly and promptly.
It does not mean that only a client’s inquiry should be responded promptly but also feedbacks or problems arising inside and outside the business as well. This is done to have a balance within the internal and external factors, especially in relation dealing with people, whether they are employees or other external contacts.
Types of business communications:
By knowing the types of business communication used in order to know the specific manners and standards to use in a specific situation. Here are some of the communication used in business.
Electronic Communication. Today organisations interacts with its various constituents differently – employees, board members customers, partners and others – depending upon the nature of the message, the goals you are trying to achieve and the strengths (and weaknesses) of the available media – telephones, voice mails, fax, text etc. It can be used to all stakeholders including internally and externally. This type of communication is important because it adds a powerful new channel.
For example. Electronic communication is interactive. It engages audience in active, two way communications, that requires a new way of thinking about advertising copy and the handling of public relations. The pay-off, however, is a self-selected audience engaged and actively participating in the communications process. By self-electing the targeted audience it can create a new form of many-to-many communications that lets geographically distributed groups communicate interactively and simultaneously through text, sound and videos.
However, it can be misinterpreted, especially the tone of the message. Study reports shown that “the tone in email is misinterpreted 50 percent of the time.” And furthermore, “90 percent of people think they’ve correctly interpret the tone of emails they receive.” This is a dangerous gap in communication.
Nowadays, I believe this type of communication is important because it act instantaneously and inexpensively, even though it can be easily misinterpreted. It just means electronic communication need to ensure what is the message intended for.
Other types of communication is Verbal Communication. It is the sharing of information between individuals by using speech. Individual...

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