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The Importance Of Good Relationships In The Workplace

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Being emotionally intelligent and having good relationships in the workplace are important skills in our society. No matter what position a person holds in a company, achieving results requires productive working relationships with others. Developing good human relationships is the foundation for successful businesses. According to Goleman, our "Emotional Quotient (EQ) defines our capacity for relationships" (Goleman 1995). He adds, "Rational intelligence only contributes about 20% to factors that determine success in life. Some other factors such as luck and other characteristics of EQ, make up the other 80%" (Goleman 1995).

In 1990, Peter Salovey and John Mayer introduced the term "emotional intelligence." Daniel Goleman made the term popular in 1995 in his bestselling book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ? According to Goleman, Emotional intelligence consists of five major characteristics (Goleman 43; Caudron & Shari 1999). These characteristics include being self aware, knowing how to manage moods, being able to motivate oneself, being empathetic, and having good interpersonal skills.
Having good Emotional Intelligence skills is extremely important in today's business environment. Managers of organizations and Human Resource departments are being faced with challenges because businesses do not compete in terms of product offering alone. The swiftness of technical innovations, competition and pressure from investors is the reason behind this fast change. Because of this, organisations are forced to establish efficiency-orientated programs to ensure efficiency, productivity and competitiveness, for example "restructuring" to a lean and flat organisational structure. This then weakens people's job security, which in turn reduces employee loyalty and commitment levels to the organizations. However, employees who remain are made to be more visible and more accountable. Evidence shows that the success of an organization depends on how well it manages its employees. John P. Kotter, a well-known expert on leadership from Harvard Business School explains that because of the furious pace of change in the business world today, relationships that are difficult to manage sabotage more business than anything else, because it’s not a question of strategy that gets people into trouble, it’s a question of emotions (Source: Dev September 6th, 2004).

Over the centuries, several studies have been conducted to understand emotional intelligence and its importance in the workplace. One of the earliest historical literature recordings can be dated back to a Latin writer from the 1st century, Publilius Syrus. Syrus explained that people should control their emotions rather then allowing them to control their intellect and values.

Employees need high self-awareness, meaning they have to honestly look at themselves to identify attitudes and behaviour that stands in the way of...

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