The Importance Of A Good Supervisor

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Nurturing a child is comparable to supervising employees. They are both two of the most crucial roles any one can perform, however only a small number of people are satisfactorily taught or qualified to do them. For the most part people learn by trying different alternatives with varying amounts of achievement. This paper will describe the role of a supervisor in a typical organization, covering three traits of an effective manager and how these traits fit the four functions of management. This paper will also examine the relationship between managers, supervisors, and employees, and how these relationships assist in guiding organizations to achieve their maximum potential. Finally, this paper will assess and describe the importance of finding the right employee and the challenges supervisors face in a multicultural society.
The functions and responsibilities of a supervisor will vary based upon the duties that the supervisor was appointed to oversee. Components such as the supervisor’s trade, business and division all play a part in establishing the duties and responsibilities. There are many roles a supervisor may have in a standard organization. As a supervisor motivates, nurtures, and guides people as they work, a supervisor will distinguish the best people for the job (Cassidy & Kreitner, 2010, p. 9).
Communicating in writing or orally to others, delivering information competently to meet the needs of the audience is another important role of a supervisor. They need to give their total attention to others’ responses, taking the time to absorb the views, ask questions if needed and then adjust procedures in accordance to those responses.
There are many traits that a supervisor should possess. Effective communication is imperative in sustaining a productive working situation, constructing positive interactive connections, and problem solving. In order to get the tasks completed from employees, a supervisor needs to be in regular contact with them so they can track work progress and know the problems they might be confronting at work.
An effective supervisor is time and again observed employing effective leadership in the organization. They have the skills to lead the team members, urging them towards achieving organizational goals and to make the correct choices at the appropriate time. An effective supervisor has faith in their abilities, and is innovative enough to experiment yet they are courageous enough to acknowledge failures.
An effective supervisor has insight that aide them to plan successfully. They develop successful plans, split the task up and assign them to team members. Effective distribution includes an awareness of the skills of employees, forecasting tasks and getting them finished by employees within time limits. Delegation facilitates distribution of responsibility; helps achieve the plan quicker while also presenting the employees a chance to shine. The successful implementation of a plan...

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