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The Significance Of Haji For A Muslim

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The Significance of Haji for a Muslim

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. This is the pilgrimage to Mecca
which Muslims must do at least once in their lifetime. This makes
Muslims feel complete once they have completed the Hajj, but they are
only allowed to do Hajj if they are physically and financially
supported, they must also be able to provide for there families whilst
on Hajj, they must also have the money to pay for Hajj without
resorting to dishonest ways of raising the money. The pilgrimage is a
journey with a spiritual meaning to a place special to them. If this
is not possible this is when Niyya comes into it, which is when
someone has the intention to go on Hajj but are not either physically
or financially capable. This could make them a better Muslim so
therefore they may become more spiritually involved in there Islamic
religion. Hajj happens during Dhul-Hijjah the twelfth month of the
Islamic calendar and this year it was between the dates of the 9th and
the 14th February 2003. The reason why the Hajj is in Mecca is because
of the Ka'ba. This is a large black box which Muslims believe was
built by Adam, the first man and therefore the first house of God on
earth. The Ka'ba is also known as the cube, the shrine of God in
Mecca. Over two million Muslims go to Mecca to fulfil there pilgrimage
so they will then feel more involved and closer to Allah. Hajj
involves a lot of walking, hot sun and communicating with other

Muslims might take part in Hajj to become closer to Allah and to
fulfil their fifth pillar of their religion. There is a lot of
planning to do with going on Hajj because firstly you have to be
spiritually ready which means that you must be strong enough in your
mind to cope with all the religious stress involved due to you
beginning to fulfil your fifth pillar of Islam. You have to be ready
to go on your Hajj and you also have to apply for a Hajj visa which
you can only get hold of one if you are a Muslim, this is so that
tourists can not just go as a spectator because this is a religious
occasion. Once the Muslims have planned to go to Hajj they have to
carry on with the other four pillars of Islam before there Hajj to
show that they are committed to there religion. They then fly to
Jiddah airport where they will arrive at the Hajj terminal where they
will be greeted by a guide who will house them during Hajj and who
will also look after them and show them around Mecca and take them all
the way through there Hajj. Once they get to Mecca all the Muslims
change into their Ihram which is two white cloths which are a sign of
purity and equality which is also to show that they are ready and from
that day until the end of there Hajj they are not allowed to cut their
nails or shave. The following day the got to the Ka'ba where they walk
around it...

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