The Importance Of Harry Hoveden In Making History

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The Importance of Harry Hoveden in Making History

In making history, Brian Friel uses Hugh O’Neill to define the
characters in the play, and the way in which his actions affect them
gives the audience some characteristics to decide on the personality
of particular characters.

Harry Hoveden is obviously an important character in the play because
he plays a major part in the play, and appears in most of the major
scenes. It is also clear that he is important to O’Neill because he is
often the one person he turns to in times of crisis.

Harry is presented as a very loyal and sober character by, he serves
to balance out some of the other characters almost like a buffer. His
calm nature in times of distress or excitement contrasts with the
brash and aloof persona’s of other characters like O’Neill. As well as
stabilizing the mood in the play as presented, if the play was
reality, he would act as a soothing and calming presence to help
particularly O’Neill.

There is a direct link to his calmness and soothing nature in the
comparison of him to dill. Every character in the play has a named
link to a different herb or flower, an important concept in the play.
And this acknowledgement of his nature by the other characters gives a
reinforced idea of likeability.

This calming and soothing effect also reflects on the audience because
if he was not included, the play would be a lot more negative and the
audience would be more likely to feel insecure about the...

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