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The Importance Of Having A Concrete Concept In Product Advertising

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Advertisements are commonly known as the way to entice us to buy a particular product, which means that the advertisement must have additional values compared to others. Then, it must be emphasized how the concept like target market or focusing point is clearly and surely determined is really important for marketers to give us an extra impact. In this analysis on the advertisements of two yoghurts, “Shape” and “Connoisseur”. The three points is found to emphasize the superior aspects of that product. These points which can be noticed are how to use colors, text, and various visual effects.

How to use colors is the most important for salesperson to give us a first impression of that ...view middle of the document...

Also in this case, it can be said that the concept is important. A catchphrase “Feel fuller for longer” printed in the advertisement of “shape” might imply that it has a positive effect on losing weight, and further they might set women consumers as the target market layer. It cannot be said in a straightforward manner, but just to support this, looking at the bottom of this advertisement, we can find the specific fact about controlling weight. But in this case, the other advertisement “Connoisseur” colored with black and gold can be said that less effective. The reason for this is that, I think, the catch phrase “Two new Connoisseur yoghurts. So good they put them in larger tubs!” is so vague that almost nobody would understand the implication about what they have in their mind. Maybe both of the advertisements have the concept but these examples show that not just how clear it is but how clearly do they transmit via the advertisement are important as well

The third and last element to make it effective to attract consumer’s attention is to enforce the visual impact. They can use various kind of method such as images, the scientific data or something like that. In these...

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