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The Importance Of Health Care Adminstration

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Health care institutions are bound to fail without the leadership of skilled and educated Health Care Administrators, also referred to as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). Whatever types of health intuition, whether mental health facilities, hospitals, private or practice facilities or even a dentist’s office. They all must have an educated, effective and skilled administrator who is capable of leading a fully operational staff and facility.
Health care administration is a very complex career field. It is constantly changing to accommodate new and more efficient ways of administering health care. Especially now, with a bourgeoning elderly population. Health care administers, are relied on to present innovative ideas to impact and motivate their staffs, to produce unparalleled health services, with promising results. They are the driving force behind the health industry.
A normal work day in a health care administrator’s world, is consist of allot of delegating directives, coordinating and supervising. They are responsible for multiple operations and departments, depending on the size and type of health facility or institution. Health care administrators may have assistants, who are tasked with different directives, or may be assigned as managers of different departments such as nursing, record keeping, food services or therapy. Some large health facilities and institutions may even have deputy administrators, who are in charge of areas such as housekeeping, finance, information management, marketing or human resources. All assistants must report to a lead health care administrator.
According to Lieutenant Colonel Dexter Gammage, a former health care administrator for the United States Army, “you must understand human nature to be an effective supervisor, because regardless of how many things you are attending to, you must appreciate your staff and treat them good for them to produce quality work”. This explains one of the main skills which is required to be an efficient health care administrator. They must be able to juggle a number of task and still be able to display a positive work attitude, which is conducive to the work environment.
The health care administrator is the face of the health care institution. They are actively involved in community outreach, which entails all aspects of public relations. It is their responsibility to cultivate community friendly programs, which will bridge the gap between the health intuition and the community at large. This important, as it may create mutual bonds between community families and institution workers, which can possibly last for generations.
Amongst the many responsibilities of health care administrators, they must ensure that their health institution is in line with all government policies and regulations. To ensure this, they have to constantly collaborate with legal authoritative entities such as government agencies, insurance companies, and professional and...

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