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The Importance Of Houses Essay

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In E.M. Forester’s novel “Howards End” the house has great meaning, because it has different significance for each one of the characters within the novel. In order to show the reader the meaning Forester chose to illustrate the meaning by using other houses and differentiating them from Howards End. Forester uses places such as Wickham Place and compares them to Howards End to get the feeling the characters get from them. Forester then gives the reader understanding how dissimilar the Flats are compared to Howards End although both are actual homes. Forster expressed Howards End so well that it seemed as if he lived there himself at some time.

When comparing character’s feelings of Wickham Place to Howards End factors come up such as: memories of times at the place, emotional attachment to the place and the class each place brings with it. Wickham Place holds a high level of emotional value to those of the Schlegal for many reasons. In the beginning of the book Forester makes his readers aware that Schlegal’s sees Wickham Place as the Wilcox family sees Howards End as a more or less ancestral home. Margaret feels that the Wilcoxes stand for the practicality of the real world. While the Schlegel family live within their similarly essential area of morals and intellectual values, the Wilcoxes epitomize the other end of the spectrum of that lifestyle.

When the reader is looking into her feelings pertaining to a house, they see that Margaret views are that the house can be any place as long as there is a feeling of safety and comfort along with several item of familiarity can a house is called a home. The Wilcox family sees the houses as just something to merely live in and to go about their daily lives. With the exception of Mrs. Wilcox, whom views the homes in a similar way that the Schlegels do, but Mrs. Wilcox sees them in a more spiritual meaning. Mrs. Wilcox shows a little bit when she said she belonged to the Howards End belonged to her as much as Howards End. Now when comparing the two homes social standard, both houses are of the same social standard but have a noteworthy difference from one another. As the book mentioned, Howards End is an ancestral home to the Wilcox family that has been passed down for years through their family. On the other hand, Wickham Place is the Schlegel family home that their family has been raised in although the family doesn’t own the house like the Wilcox family owns Howards End. Although...

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