The Importance Of Image Essay

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Society has increasingly placed a high value on image, which has had a profound effect on people, from how to dress, talk, behave, things they idolize, or deem important. Image is a physical likeness, representation, or appearance of a person, or thing, photographed, painted, or otherwise made visible. Image is one of the oldest form of nonverbal communication used to appeal to others; people often judge your integrity, accountability, or professionalism based on appearance. Having the right image can go a long way, by providing opportunities, highlight qualities, and even present life changing experiences. Image is how someone, a group, or ...view middle of the document...

Take for example, a celebrity who is constantly in the spotlight, all of their actions are put under a fine microscope, so how they appear in public involves a lot of tedious planning, execution, and can be very costly. The smallest mistake can cost them their reputation, job opportunities, and endorsements. For example Tiger Woods, his public image crumbled after his infidelity with a number of women, including pornography actresses. He lost millions of dollars, tournament winnings, endorsements, and severely damaged his relationship with his wife. Other people, however, have used the media to their advantage, either as an advertisement tool, promote events, send across a message, or even to sell themselves to the public. The media has a great influence on how people perceive themselves and others, it can either tarnish a person’s reputation, alter their behavior or they can work it to their advantage.
Another important institution where image is influential is Politics, politicians rely a great deal on image; that image is understood as reputation, trustworthiness, credibility, character, and personality. Individuals often seek a shortcut to gather information, and form opinions, which often shape perceptions which are stronger than reality. The logic of politics is in the numbers and therefore no politician can ignore the emerging technologies which carry messages to the masses. Beyond the press, new realities such...


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