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The Importance Of Knowledge Essay

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A young man has just graduated college, and he’s trying to make money without having to get a job. As he surfs the web for ways to do this, he finds a website that claims that it will add money to your bank account as soon as you enter your credit card number and information. A few days later, he finds out that over $2,000 has been charged to that credit card without his knowledge. In today’s society, it’s not uncommon to hear about cases of fraud and identity theft as well as people going to jail for committing hate crimes. In the books To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, it is shown that it’s important to have knowledge about a ...view middle of the document...

During the trial, Scout says, “The court appointed Atticus to defend him. Atticus [aims] to defend him. That’s what they [don’t] like about it.” (218). Even after the evidence is laid out and it’s obvious that he is not guilty, people want Tom convicted. The truth is overshadowed by racism. Throughout the novel, Jem and Scout are a prime example of ignorance. Because of their age, they’re often unaware of what’s really going on around them. When Jem and Scout have to read to Mrs. Dubose, they still think she’s just a mean old woman. Atticus’s response to their complaints was usually along the lines of, “‘[She’s] old and ill. You can’t hold her responsible for what she says and does.’” (140). What is later revealed is that Mrs. Dubose was battling a morphine addiction. Jem and Scout had no idea what her situation really was, so they made judgements based on their own experiences with and opinions of her. To Kill a Mockingbird not only talks about prejudice, but the lack of knowledge that causes it.
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks has many instances where the Lacks’ family is cheated or treated unfairly as a result of not knowing what they are getting into. The biggest example of this is Henrietta’s cells being taken from her without her knowledge. During one of the visits where she thought she was just being treated for cancer, one of her doctors takes “two dime-sized pieces” of tissue from her cervix “though no one had told [her] that TeLinde was collecting samples or asked if she wanted to be a donor.” (Skloot 33). Although the doctors are mostly at fault for this, Henrietta does not know exactly what she is agreeing to when she signs the operation permit. In addition to this, there...

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