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The Importance Of Legal And Ethnical Standards For Technology

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The Importance of Legal and Ethnical Standards for Technology

Everyday millions of people are using the Internet. The Internet gives people the freedom to look up and download a variety of information. But where is the line drawn to determine how far someone is allowed to go when using the Internet? Laws and regulations for the Internet are just as important as they are in everyday life. Netiquette, Acceptable Use Policies, and Copyright laws are exceptionally vital when using the Internet.
Netiquette is etiquette for the Internet. It is a set of ten rules for behaving properly online. The purpose of Netiquette is to help new users of the Internet minimize their mistakes, and to help experienced cyberspace travelers help the new users. The following list is a set of rules for Netiquette. The number one rule is to "remember the human" (Shea). This means do unto others as other do unto you. The second rule of Netiquette is to "adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life" (Shea). Because people sometimes forget that there is a human being on the other side of the computer, some people think that a lower standard of ethics or personal behavior is acceptable in the Internet. The third rule of Netiquette is to "know where you are in cyberspace" (Shea). What is perfectly acceptable in one area may be dreadfully rude in another. The fourth rule is to "respect other people's time" (Shea). It is your responsibility to ensure that the time Internet users spend reading your posting is not wasted. The fifth rule is to "make yourself look good online" (Shea). Those you talk to on the web cannot see you. No one will be judged by appearances, but you will be
judged by the quality of your writing. The sixth rule is to "share expert knowledge" (Shea). The reason asking questions online works is that a lot of knowledgeable people are reading the questions and answering them. The seventh rule is to "help keep flame wars under control" (Shea). "Flaming" is what people do when they express a strongly held opinion without holding back an emotion (Shea). The eighth rule of Netiquette is to "respect other people's privacy" (Shea). The ninth rule is "to not abuse your power" (Shea). Knowing more than others, or having more power than they do, does not give you the right to take advantage of them. The last rule of Netiquette is to "be forgiving of other people's mistakes" (Shea). Internet etiquette is necessary when going online. The rules are simple and easy to abide by. Guidelines for using the web help to minimize possible mistakes.
Acceptable use policies are policies created by companies stating what is okay when using an Internet site. The acceptable use policy has been created to promote integrity, security, reliability and privacy of a...

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