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The Importance Of Literacy In Canada

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Literacy is an important key component in almost every individual’s life. Also literacy could be described as one of the most important building blocks of our society. As our world and society becomes more complex, literacy becomes more and more important. Literacy has become so visibly important that sometimes people without proper education are not even accepted by our society. Today, many parents will do anything in order to send their children to the best schools, so their children can be educated the best way possible. Not only literacy makes life for every single human being easier, but it also helps every single person in the world to take care of their own health, and live longer and have a healthier life.
Although Literacy is not just the ability to be able to read and write however it involves comprehension and understanding, it enables people to deal with change and with unfamiliar contexts. According to IALS, “While most people can read, the real question is whether their reading and writing skills meet the challenge of living and working in today’s society”. For example every time a person goes to a store in order to buy some food, he or she will notice some labels in the back of the product that states how much calorie, protein, fat, and etc is in that food. But the question is how many of those people understand the meaning of those numbers? Unfortunately, it is a fact that not only in Canada, but in every single country in the world, people with low literacy levels has a major negative impact on their health. As the technical appendix the Report on the Health of Canadians indicates; “self-rated health status is a good predictor of the presence of more objectively measure health problems as well as health care utilization”. Therefore health of people with limited literacy skills are worst than people with higher literacy skills.
Today, only about 19 percent of Canadians with less than high schools education rated their health as ‘excellent’. Therefore those people who have not attended high school are unfortunately not really healthy, however bout 23 percent of people who have complete high school rated their health as being excellent, which means those who have complete high school have a better health than those who have not complete high school. More than 27 percent of those who have graduated from college, and more than 39 percent of those who have graduated from university rate their health as excellent. So it is obvious that the more educated the person is, the better chance he or she has of being healthy. It is proven as a fact that those people who have graduated from a university are twice as healthier of those who have not even finish high school. It is also proven that those people who have completed less education levels are lacking long-term activities and exercises which lead to being less healthy. 23 percent of people who have not completed high school don’t spend enough time on exercising. Fortunately, this...

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