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The Importance Of Literacy In The World

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In the world america ranks as number 22 in literacy( According to ( literacy is the ability to read and write. While most of the people in america are literate they vary according to how literate they are. What is elementary to us may be surprisingly difficult to someone else. In America although the literacy rate is 99%( 3,109,120 people in America or 1% of the population is unable to read and write. Texas itself has 3 out of 5 of the least literate cities in America! No wonder people think being from texas makes you stupid. ...view middle of the document...

From there they directed to whoever was available. I was unable to continue but when i was there i was going to start helping a man requesting help on his reading and writing. He already knew his basics however he just needed some more coaching from what i understood. In the door connecting to the offices they have a computer room. Here they show poeple having difficulties with technology to operate them. This is also where you take a mini-certification test that allows you to have a basic on how to teach people that need it. It was very long but it was extremely interesting.
They do not charge for their services therefore they are a non-profit. They are mainly a volunteer organization. They take donations which is seen on their website and i believe they get funding from the state. As to how it all works i know that Dr. Mary Gleason is in charge and she takes her job very seriously. When i was there she was getting everything together for an event in Robstown which showed me that this is more of just servicing Corpus Christi it is also servicing outside of our community to whoever neeeds it.
According to their site 1 in 7 adults cannot read. I have known several people who graduated high school that had a very low reading and or writing skill. I have known others that dropped out because they were embarrassed that they could not read or write. I had a neighbor a couple years back that was unable to read or write and it shocked me because he was extremely smart. He knew math and had excelled into taking calculus at high school when he was a junior, which to me is an incredible feat. However, he could not pass his TAKS tests and he gave up. He went to Solomon Coles and graduated with the minimum and his life literally fell apart. He could not find a job because everyone saw him as an imbecile since he brought his brother to his...

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