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The Importance Of Mothers In All Over But The Shoutin’ By Rick Bragg

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In the novel All Over but the Shoutin’ Rick Bragg shows the love and devotion of what every mother should have through his mother. The only woman that Bragg truly cares for and takes time out of his day is for his mother Margaret Marie. Bragg tries to do the best for his mother and tries his best to make her proud of him. Bragg learned early in life that his mother strived to give her children everything possible. For Mrs. Bragg her children are the reason she wakes up everyday and tries to make a better life for them.
No matter what actions or words a mother chooses, to a child his or her mother is on the highest pedestal. A mother is very important to a child because of the nourishing and love the child receives from his or her mother but not every child experiences the mother’s love or even having a mother. Bragg’s mother was something out of the ordinary because of all that she did for her children growing up, but no one is perfect in this world. Bragg’s mother’s flaw was always taking back her drunken husband and thinking that he could have changed since the last time he left. Bragg’s parents met when they were young and fell in love without the consent of Margaret’s father. Bragg’s grandfather learned to find out the young man ways “he lived long enough to see the true nature of his son-in-law’s character emerge, saw the cruelty, and his first inclination was to hunt him down and kill him” (35). Bragg’s mother felt that her husband would change for the better the more chances she gave him. Every time Bragg’s father would come back for his wife he would leave her in the end without any money and to expect another child on the way (66). Bragg’s mother and the children knew that the father could become dangerous at any time “he would strike out at whoever was near, but again it always seemed that she was between him and us, absorbing his cruelty, accepting it” (66). Bragg knew that his mother was not trying to bring the family in harm, only his mother wanted the family life and for her boys to...

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